Options 4 Health is committed to enhancing the inherent healing ability of each individual and empowering people through teaching principles and skills that enable them to take greater responsibility for their personal development and health maintenance.

All of our therapists are fully licensed and certified in their areas of expertise. They regularly take on-going training to stay on the cutting edge of their fields.

Whether you are dealing with chronic illness or pain, emotional issues, limited abilities, or are a spiritual seeker looking for a place of connection, we hope you will consider us as one of YOUR Options 4 Health!


Greenleaf Healing assists individuals in healing the internal relationship they have toward themselves. This creates a pathway towards freedom, personal fulfillment and wholeness of being. We provide a safe, accepting and nourishment environment for our students and clients while educating and facilitating healing on various levels. We believe the way to true healing is though empowering individuals with techniques that will enhance their life while reclaiming their dreams and authenticity.

We provide transformational coaching, teaching and energetic healing. Books, articles and readings are also available.

Our approach is based on Spiritual and Energetic Principles. We believe that each person is here to unite and heal what has been separated, creating a union of body and Soul. For more information, please visit our website below.


Bella Medica

Bella Medica is a holistic medspa that merges modern technology with ancient wisdom to help you look and feel your best!
Body Contoring-Botox-Cosmetic Lasers-Pain Relief Laser-Smoking Cessation & more!