Spiritual Counseling

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Spiritual counseling is a form of psychotherapy known for its tactful integration of spirituality along with psychotherapeutic guidance and care.  A pastoral counselor usually refers to one who has pursued graduate level education in counseling and has been ordained as a minister, and may also have a doctoral degree.

Spiritual counselors guide individuals on their paths toward emotional healing, spiritual growth, or the meaning of their life’s purpose.  Spiritual Counselors are a diverse group, and can be associated with a particular religion, non denominational, or even New Age and Native American Beliefs.

Spiritual Counselors 



Barbara Rose Grace.docx 1Rev. Dr. Rose Grace works with individuals and groups using a variety of proven methodologies backed by scientific research, holistic techniques, and four decades of clinical experience. She mentors, teaches, and guides clients and students to discover where they are on their human and Spiritual paths and then helps them uncover their next steps.

Email: BarbaraRoseGrace@gmail.com,

Website: http://www.BarbaraGrace.com


Carolyn M. Greenleaf.jpgCarolyn Greenleaf of Greenleaf Healing is a Transformational Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Teacher, Speaker & Author who helps individuals achieve deeper understanding and connection with their authentic/soul self. Carolyn helps individuals move forward in their lives, realize new insights, discover their purpose, reach goals and access a state of wellness, peace, joy and wholeness. Shamanic Journey work/healing is often utilized within her sessions and classes. For more information, click the links below.

Greenleaf Healing Website and Facebook Page. You can reach Carolyn at: Carolyn@greenleafhealing.com


IMG_8613_croppedChris Moses MS, LASC Founder of Featherheart Holistic Paths, provides counseling and guidance for personal and spiritual growth. As a long time student and apprentice of cross-cultural traditions, she bridges psychology and intuitive tools with Native American and nature-based spirituality, ceremonies and healing practices. She will support you on your journey through transformational work with sacredness and compassion. For more information, please click the links below.

Website: www.chrisfeatherheart.com, email: christinemoses11@gmail.com, (cell): 847-525-2600


Barb RochaDr. Barbara M. Rocha N.D. of Healing Center of Angels
Naturopath, Spiritual and Holistic Counselor, Teacher, Nondenominational Minister

Dr. Rocha serves her patients and clients through a whole and connected relationship between mind, body and spirit. Dr. Rocha’s expertise lies in many topics such as natural health and wellness, angels, indigenous cultures, energy facilitation, aura interpretations, religions and ancient belief systems as well as paranormal phenomena. She works with people, animals and nature to bring harmony, health and respect to all aspects of life.