Rosemary Hurwitz

Rosemary Hurwitz

After receiving Certification to teach and coach with the Enneagram in a Pastoral Studies, MA program at Loyola University in 2002, Rosemary gave her first Enneagram workshop. Participants wanted more.

The Enneagram wisdom which connects personality to our individual essence is motivating! And shows us practical ways for gaining balance in our lives. For 16 years Rosemary has brought the Enneagram to people in living rooms, holistic and spiritual centers, corporations and cruise ships. She has a Life Coaching private practice for awareness and emotional wellness in Lincolnshire.

Her first single Author book, WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE, The Enneagram Effect is a new best seller on Amazon and Rosemary will cover the seven mainstays of the Enneagram in an overview. This holistic paradigm is “ancient wisdom-new thought.” You will leave with profound insights about the self you thought you knew. She will give mini readings at her table following the presentation and sign books.


Rosemary Hurwitz is a married mom of four young adults. She experienced a clinical depression as a college freshman and has since been passionate about an inner directed life. She found the focus for it in the Enneagram. For twenty-five years she with her husband Dale, gave Discovery Retreats to engaged couples which were patterned after

Marriage Encounter. She coaches with and teaches the Enneagram internationally.

Rosemary Hurwitz, MA.PS

Author, Enneagram- based-Life Coach,

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