Pam Bown – 2020 Expo Presenter

Accept the Diagnosis – Not the PrognosisBenefits of Circulation

4:30 – 5:00

February 23, 2020 at 4:30 – 5:00 pm

Join Pam as she shares how a diagnosis prompted a relentless search for something to assist with declining kidney function. She refused to accept the prognosis of “no cure” and began an amazing journey and re-discovery of herbal medicine, energy medicine and other tips and tricks until finally finding BEMER; Bio-Electric-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation, which was the adjunctive therapy and helping hand her body needed in order to reclaim balance.  Learn why circulation is so important to a healthy functioning body.  Discover the magic of BEMER and microcirculation and how you too can enhance the systems in your body so that you can enrich your quality of life with health, vitality, better sleep and more. 


Pam Bown, Founder of PMB Health

Pam began her journey of self-awareness, mindfulness and healing in the early nineties.

She had multiple chemical sensitivities and she and her husband built their chemical-free home with a focus on indoor air quality in 1995. Since that time, Pam has been an advocate for healthy living and exemplifies non-toxic living in all aspects of her life.

In 2000, Pam developed a passionate desire to understand energy and where she fit in the grand design. In 2005, Pam’s love for energy healing led to a position as educator and manager of a global team of teachers that presented modules for self-healing through an understanding of multidimensional anatomy at workshops worldwide. Pam managed this team until 2012 and was involved in every aspect of curriculum development and management working with the team to create visually stimulating presentations.

In 2017, Pam partnered with a German company; BEMER Group, pioneers of an advanced technology that triggers microcirculation in the body. Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER) is a scientifically proven process that triggers the expansion and contraction of blood vessels to increase blood flow throughout the body. BEMER holds multiple patents worldwide and is a registered FDA Class 1 Medical Device in the USA.

Now in 2019, as a board member of All Things Wellness, the passion of her soul leads her ever-forward in her journey to help others and to bring people of like-mind together. Pam whole-heartedly believes in their mission and vision: Heart, Mind, and Soul.


PMB Health