Oracle, Tarot & Other Cards

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Tarot and Oracle Cards are often thought of being the same thing, but, there is a difference.  A tarot deck follows a particular formula where as the Oracle deck is more of a free form reading to explore oneself and divining the future.
Oracle decks have no rules, they are the wild child of psychic divination.  Tarot has structure:  there are suits, major and minor arcanas.  While Oracle can have just pictures, or some will have phrases.  Angel cards, like Doreen Virtue’s are considered Oracle Cards.  There are Animal Spirit Oracle cards, Keeper’s of the Light Oracle cards, Gratitude or Meditation cards and many other themes.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards - CopySoul Reflection Oracle Cards – 45 cards

From number one numbers to the bonus card teach, these cards take you on a journey through life. Master the deck, master living, then teach what you learn.
Team Lisa (Lisa Nomikos & Lisa Gniady) have produced an oracle deck called Soul Reflections Oracle Cards.

Team Lisa have also produced many more Oracle, Meditation and Inspirational Cards. For more information, please contact team Lisa at:

Gratitude Cards

Spirit-Driven-Living-Gratitde-Cards52 Weeks Of Gratitude Cards – By Rosemary Hurwitz

Shuffling and picking a card for the day will deepen your gratitude and meditation practice easily as you “sit” with the message it offers to you.