Life Coaching

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Life Coaching is a profession that is different from mentoring, therapy, or counseling. The coaching process addresses specific goals

There are Life Coaches who have specialties and have a primary focus, such as business goals, Personal changes, spiritual/transformational or relationship coaching. No matter what the subject, life coaching addresses a clients desire for transformation or change by acknowledging the current misaligned path, then focusing the majority of attention to forward movement. This includes discovering and addressing obstacles and choosing a better reaction, behavior, belief or path. Goals are also set to ensure success.

Life Coaching is an alliance between coach and client, ensuring success through empowerment.

Life Coaches 


Lisa EfflandtLisa Efflandt of Changing Perceptions

Lisa is a Hypnotherapist with a firm belief in the mind, body, spirit connection.  Through Hypnotherapy Lisa can help you access the subconscious thoughts and views formed in childhood and allow the adult wiser you to call the shots.   Lisa also specialties in Pain Management, Anxiety/Fears, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Trauma. Lisa’s office is located in MHenry IL