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Hannah Stonehouse Hudson is a public speaker, certified trainer, writer, widow, old dog lover and outdoor enthusiast. Her in-depth knowledge of the viral nature of the internet comes from being thrust unwittingly into the spotlight when in the space of 4 months she had a photo go viral worldwide and she lost her husband to a tragic accident. In 2015 Hannah’s TEDx Talk on Empathy and the Power of Virtual Communities had one goal: to empower people to face their fears and live their life fully when their world blows up. Hannah now leads seminars on social media and grief, social media strategy, social media crisis communication, and how to move forward when tragedy strikes.

1:45-2:45 – Room 1 – Subject: Moving forward from loss in the age of social media

Hannah will explore grief in the age of social media – and how to move forward from loss when it sometimes seems as if time stands still in the digital world.

“On social media, we are inundated every day with images and posts from years past. These include images of people close to us – and not so close – who have passed on.  In the age of social media, it sometimes seems as if no one really dies. They are there in front us – almost in real time. How do we stay connected on social media when bad things happen, while at the same time not getting stuck wishing things were back to a previous “normal”. ”

A one-time insurance agent-turned professional photographer, speaks from personal experience. She unexpectedly began her career as a highly sought-after digital era guru approximately five years ago when a photo she snapped of a man comforting his arthritic German Shepherd in the buoyant waters of Lake Superior went viral after being posted on Facebook.


Hannah Stonehouse Hudson (dog)

According to the Huffington Post, it became, at the time, the most viral internet photo in history and set off a remarkable chain of events that changed Hudson’s life forever. It is a compelling story of hope, love, and tragic loss followed by renewal, inspiration, and a whole lot of insight about modern-day communications. Hudson now conducts seminars and workshops around the country on how to beat Facebook’s algorithm, social media storytelling strategy, crisis communication planning, reputation management, dealing with grief, and managing conflict.


Information on hiring her to speak to your group can be seen here: Https://hshcommunications.com

Her TEDx talk on social media and empathy can be seen here: https://hshcommunications.com/social-media-empathy-tedx , and she can be reached at hannah@stonehousephoto.com.