Flower Essence for Animals

Flower Essence for Animals.jpg
Flower essences are the blossoms of plants that are placed in a bowl of water and infused with the sun’s energy.  The plant material is removed and what you have is water with the energetic imprint and vibration of the flower.  It is then further diluted, potentized and preserved with brandy, vodka, Shiso or glycerin.

A flower essence consultant can assist you in choosing the correct essence for your animal’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues.  Your animal companion has its own unique vibrational frequency.  It is comprised of all its thoughts, feelings, emotions and state of health.  The practitioner will choose the essences that resonate with the issues he is having so your animal can move past these obstacles to his health.  Flower Essences also address the emotional issues that are often overlooked when treating the animal.

Flower Essence is a safe and gentle method of healing for your animals.



Barb Rocha

Dr. Barbara M. Rocha N.D.
Naturopath, Spiritual and Holistic Counselor, Teacher, Nondenominational Minister

Dr. Rocha serves her patients and clients through a whole and connected relationship between mind, body and spirit. Dr. Rocha’s expertise lies in many topics such as natural health and wellness, angels, indigenous cultures, energy facilitation, aura interpretations, religions and ancient belief systems as well as paranormal phenomena. She works with people, animals and nature to bring harmony, health and respect to all aspects of life.