Dr. Wanda Rossan – Why Breast Thermography?


Breast thermography is the honest preventative approach to breast health. Without radiation, compression, nor any contact with the breast, it just uses ultra-sensitive infrared camera, to scan for physiological changes in the breast. They can precede anatomical changes by 8-10 years, which then mammogram can spot. We can, in case that there is any clinical concern, address life style elements, so you do not have to face the “c” word. Dr. Rossan is Board Certified in Clinical Thermology.

Dr. Wanda Rossen


Dr. Wanda Rossan, DN is a licensed Naprapath and a Board Certified Thermographer.  The holistic approach to health has always been her passion. Over the years, Dr. Rossan has added to her practice modalities that provide the most benefits to her patients, and one of those is Breast Thermography. Thermography does not use radiation, compression, nor any contact with the breast. Thermograms can identify physiological changes (if any) in the breasts that can precede the anatomical ones (which a mammogram can spot) by many years. Breast Thermography is a preventative approach to breast health. When needed, we can address the lifestyle elements and restore our health.