Dr. Steve Andreano DC – 2020 Expo Presenter

A Discussion of the GUT and Its Effect on Overall Health, Including a Demonstration of Intuitive Medicine and Muscle Testing

February 23, 2020 at 11:30 – 12:30

Dr. Andreano will lead a discussion on gut health and how it can affect literally every aspect of your overall health. This includes a demonstration using audience member(s) of how intuitive medicine and muscle testing works. Find out what Dr. Andreano has learned, and how almost any ailment may be caused by inadequate digestive function. He will not only teach you some of his clinical pearls, but also demonstrate in real time with the audience, how different weaknesses in your body can affect your health in a myriad of ways!

Dr. Steve Andreano is a chiropractor and holistic practitioner, who utilizes various natural and holistic techniques in his practice. Over 24 years ago, Steve found himself unable to walk, and received intensive chiropractic care. This was extremely helpful and allowed him to get back to his life and chiropractic studies after just 6 weeks. But every time he did anything athletic, his condition would return. He searched out additional help by learning more about holistic health care beyond just chiropractic, and found that his ailments were due to a weakness in his digestive function. Once he located the cause of the issue, and added the necessary diet changes and nutritional supplements, he was healed in only 10 days… for it to never return! He realized at this time that getting to the root cause of the problem is the most crucial step in order to heal and how much gut health drastically affects overall health.

Dr. Andreano dedicated himself to learning and practicing holistic medicine ever since. From his years of practice, he is a master at intuitively diagnosing a condition and helping to allow the body to heal itself naturally, just nudging it in the right direction. Dr. Andreano has also had much success with patients performing Neuro-Emotional Technique, as seen on Grey’s Anatomy. He is a master at muscle testing, a technique in which the patient’s body gives Dr. Andreano information by either showing weakness or strength as pressure is put on a muscle. A muscle weakness causes a “short” in the system and tells the doctor where to focus the treatment.


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