This Directory includes information and links to practitioners and businesses who provide holistic, alternative paths toward Wellness in every area of your life. This includes healthy options for people, animals, homes and environment.

To learn about these Modalities, Services, or Products, click the links. The number of available practitioners or providers are in (parenthesis) and listed beneath the descriptions on the link pages.

Categories for people include: Wellness Doctors, Medicine Therapies, Energy Therapies, Touch Therapies, Diagnosis, Mind & Emotional Therapies, Nutritional & Health Counseling, Movement Therapies, Spiritual Information & Channels, Soulful Products for Connection, Nutritional & Healing Products, Body Care Products.

Categories for Animals include: Animal Communication, Veterinarians, Energetic Therapies, Food & Nutrition, Training, Pet care.

Additional Categories include: Home, Environment, Community & Leadership

This page is a work in progress. Thank you for your patience!


Holistic Wellness Doctors

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)

Naprapathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctor (ND)  (2 Doctors)

Holistic Medicine Therapies

Ayurveda Medicine  (2 Practitioners)

Chelation therapy

Chinese Medicine

Ear candling/Coning

Flower Essence Therapy  (1 Practitioner)

Herbology  (2 Practitioners)

Homeopathy  (1 Practitioner)

Naturopathy  (1 Practitioner)

Energy Therapies

Aromatherapy – Essential Oils  (4 Practitioner)

Body Work  (1 Practitioner)

Color Therapy  (1 Practitioner)

Crystal Therapy (1 Practitioner)

Healing Touch (HT)  (1 Practitioner)

Intuitive Energy Healing  & Balancing ( 4 Practitioners)

Light Therapy  (1 Practitioner)

Reconnective Healing  (1 Practitioner)

Reiki  (6 Practitioners)

Shamanic Practices & Healing  (3 Practitioners)

Sound Healing    (1 Practitioner)

Theta Healing   (1 Practitioner)

Tuning Forks  (1 Practitioner)


Touch Therapies




Biofeed back

Chiropractic (1 Practitioner)

Craniosacral therapy

Cupping Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy & Drainage (2 Practitioner)

Magnet Therapy

Massage therapy

Ayurvedic Head & Facial Massages   (1 Practitioner)

Reflexology  (2 Practitioners)



Holistic Diagnosis


Iridology  (1 Practitioner)




Holistic Mind & Emotion Therapies

Access Consciousness Bars

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)   (2 Practitioner)

Grief Counseling   (1 Counselor)

Gong Bath/Meditation  (1 Facilitator)

Hypnosis  (1 therapist)

Journal Therapy

Life Coaching  (3 Coach)

Labyrinth Therapy

Meditation  (3 Practitioners)

Music Therapy

Past Life Therapy  (2 Practitioners)

Psychology  (1 Psychologist)

Spiritual Counseling  (3 Counselors)

Spiritual or Transformational Life Coaching  (1 Coach)

The LifeLine Technique©  (1 Practitioner)

Nutritional/Health Counseling

Nutritionalist  (3 Practitioners)

Health & Fitness Coach  (2 Practitioners)

Sacred Services

Clearings   (2 Facilitators)

Ceremonies   (2 Ministers)


Movement Therapies

Dance  (1 Instructor)

Martial Arts

Nia  (1 Instructor)

Physical Fitness  (1 Instructor)

Sports & Physical Activities

Yoga  (1 Facilitator)

Zumba   (1 Instructor)


Spiritual Information & Channels

Communicators, Readers & Teachers

Akashic Records


Aura Photography & Readings  (1 Provider)


Enneagram  (1 Practitioner)


Native Wisdom  (1 Practitioner)





Soulful Products for Connection & Health


Art &Photography  (2 Artists)

Artisan Jewelry  (1 Jeweler)

Books  (4 Authors)

Oracle Cards  (1 Producer)

Crystals  (1 Supplier)


Native American Products

Pendulums  (1 Supplier)

Orgone Energy Generators

Nutritional & Healing Products

Artesian Bakers

Ayurveda Products  (2 Practitioner)

Bio Algae Concentrates  (1 Distributor)

CBD Oil & Products  (1 Vendor)

Essential Oils  (4 Distributors)

Flower Essence


Organic Food & Products


Water (Safe Products & Resources)  (1 Practitioners)

Supplements  (1 Vendor)

Body Care Products

Body & Skin Care Products  (1 Vendor)

Medicinal Products (1 Practitioner)

Hair Care Products  (1 Vendor)


Animal Communication

Holistic Veterinarian Medicine 

Energetic Therapies for Animals   (1 Practitioner)

Pet Caretakers

Pet Trainers

Medicinal Products & Supplements (1 Practitioner)


Organic food

Raw Food

Holistic Living – Home Life

Alternative Energy sources: Solar, Wind, etc

Building materials – Green/Environmentally Friendly Materials

Cleaning Products  (1 Practitioners)

Feng Shui


Organic Lawn Care



Natural Parks & Conservation

Community & Education

Community Resources

Conscious Restaurants & Cafe’s

Holistic Schools

Lectures, Speakers  (4 Speakers)

Teachers – Classes, Workshops, Retreats  (6 Teachers)

Teachers of Healing Modalities   (2 Teachers)

Volunteering & Community Connection

Woman’s Circles & Leadership  (1 Facilitator)




Positive Leadership   (1 Leader)

Business Coaching  (2 Coaches)

Finance & Investment  (1 provider)


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