Building Materials

Building Materials

Building a home?  Think about building a “Green Home.”  Higher Market Value, healthier environment, possible tax benefits, lower utility bills, are some of the benefits of building a green home.

Where to start?  A good rule of thumb is to look for products that are made from natural and renewable materials, in addition to recycled products.  Here are some products to choose for:

Flooring:  Bamboo, Cork, Certified Forest Stewardship Council wood planks.  Natural fiber carpets.  Linoleum instead of vinyl or sheet flooring.

Paints:  Use low VOC paint or Zero VOC paint.  Natural paint made from natural earth materials and are biodegradable and completely free of petrochemicals.  Non-toxic stains and sealers.

Walls and Ceilings:  Recycled-content drywall, EcoRock and Certified FSC wood for framing.

Caulks & Adhesives:  Use soy based caulks and low VOC adhesives and sealants.

Insulation:  Soybean foam spray insulation, Sheep’s wool batt insulation

Roofing:  Recycled metal, slate tile, clay tile, fiber cement shingles, FSC wood shakes, or even, a green roof.

These are just some of the products that are on the market to help you either build or remodel your home into a green home.



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