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Thrive Themes Vs. Elegant Themes; Best And Most Unbelievable Results Book How To Genesis Studiopress

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WordPress Plugins And Templates That Are Lightning-fast Book How To Genesis Studiopress

Both the Thrive Themes and Elegant Themes are excellent picks when it comes to using  Themes on your website. Both Themes are designed to increase traffic, subscribers, clients, and customers. They are the most known themes and the most popular used by tens of millions of subscribers. Many are taking advantage of the free versions of both Themes. Book How To Genesis Studiopress

But, often it is the premium Themes that the public is willing to pay. I will review both of these Themes, and while I am not a professional writer and the information is not a complete comprehensive analysis of both Themes.

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  • I think what you will learn and will review below, will indeed help you in your quest to find a Theme that will work for your business or for personal use. I will begin this review first with Thrive. You will first note that Thrive is conversion-focused.

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  • Conversion-focused

    These themes and plugins are built from the ground up so that your website can convert more visitors into customers, subscribers, or clients.

    I have been using Thrive since a few months back and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. As the owner and operator of a digital agency, I have seen an increase in conversions ever since switching to Thrive. I am still impressed by every aspect. Below I have included a video from Thrive. It shows how to build a landing page using Thrive Themes.

    Only value-based, actionable content and all the tools to implement it.

    Access to all our tools at the lowest price possible. No Frankenstein Website World-Class Support. Unlimited Updates and Online Marketing Training.

    The All-in-One Toolbox for Realizing Your Entrepreneurial Ambitions Online

    Thrive is the next-generation WordPress theme builder. You can build, edit, and customize all aspects of your WordPress website.

    Online courses that are professional

    You can create professional-looking courses right from your WordPress dashboard. Create free online courses to boost your subscribers. Or, if you use your membership plugin, create premium courses that seamlessly integrate with the rest of your site.

    Commenting should be fun and engaging

    Thrive Comments will allow you to increase feedback and engagement by providing innovative features such as upvoting and dropping, gamified comment incentives, and a large number of after-comment actions.

    Testing landing pages using A/B testing

    Thrive has removed all the hassle, complication, and extreme costs of A/B testing with Thrive Optimize. This is the best A/B testing tool to increase conversions on your key pages.

    Create countdown campaigns that are evergreen

    Thrive Ultimatum for WordPress is the best scarcity marketing tool. Adding countdown timers to increase conversions, running evergreen scarcity campaigns, and many other features will help you improve your conversions.

    For social proof, gather and display testimonials

    Thrive Ovation allows you to automatically capture and display testimonials. This is the easiest way for you to take advantage of one of the most overlooked conversion boosters.



    Thrive Themes (Pros & Cons)

    Thrive Themes is a powerful yet simple-to-use suite for website building tools.

    Thrive Themes provides WordPress themes and plugins as well as a drag-and-drop editor for creating unique websites without any technical skills.

    This set of conversion-focused tools was created with one goal in mind: to convert website visitors into subscribers.

    It will allow you to increase traffic, leads, subscribers, and customers for your business.

    However, before you decide if it is right for your website, there are pros and cons to be aware of.


    Conversion Focus: Very few vendors have such a large portfolio of tools that are focused on optimization, marketing, and lead generation.

    There are hundreds of page templates: Choose from nearly 300 templates to get you started quickly creating web pages.

    Free Training: They have created Thrive University – a series of courses that will teach you everything you need about each tool.

    Easy to use: Thrive themes have an intuitive user interface. Easy page creation is possible with the drag-and-drop editor, even for beginners.

    Fantastic Third-Party Integrations

    Fully Responsive: The page builder for Thrive Themes and all templates are 100% responsive.

    WordPress themes and plugins are perfect for WordPress. They work flawlessly for WordPress sites and have been optimized for WordPress.


    Large Selection of Products: The sheer volume of tools available by Thrive Themes may prove overwhelming to beginners.

    Learning curve: Like any platform, the Thrive Themes suite has its own learning curve. Although the platforms seem intuitive, it can be difficult to master them.

    Below I have included a video from Thrive that shows you how to create mobile-friendly WordPress pages

    Only Works with WordPress:

    Thrive Themes is not compatible with Joomla, Drupal, or any other platform. However you never know, things could change in the future.

    Support Response Time:

    It is not that Thrive Themes support is poor, it’s actually quite excellent. Sometimes it can take hours for a response, which can be frustrating when you are trying to do something.

    The bottom line

    Thrive Themes comes with all the tools that you need to create a high-converting, beautiful website. I hope you found my review helpful.

    This set of tools will allow you to create beautiful websites and landing pages that convert well – without having to write a line of code.

    It’s not necessary to mix and match your WordPress plugins and themes to create the pages you need. You can have a complete solution to your blogging and marketing needs for your online business.

    It could be that you come to a different conclusion than myself. As I mentioned above, either with Thrive Themes or Elegant Themes you will be happy in my humble opinion.


    Elegant is also one of the Most Popular WordPress Themes in The World to

    WordPress themes like Elegant have Visual Drag & Drop Technology.

    They empower over 700,000 customers and Divi is the ultimate Visual Page Builder. As I have mentioned in the title, Elegant also hold title with Thrive Themes in being “The World’s Most Popular WordPress Theme and The Ultimate WordPress Page Builder”

    I have included below one of Elegant Theme’s videos that just as much says we are number one! Please watch it and you will understand what I am saying.

    Divi is the flagship theme. It also includes a visual page builder. According to stats, Divi is the most popular premium WordPress theme worldwide.

    Divi is much more than a theme. It’s also a website-building framework that allows you to create beautiful websites without having to touch a single line code or install and configure dozens of plugins.


    If this is the first time you’ve ever built a WordPress website visually. You will see in just a short amount of time that Divi is not just a WordPress theme. It’s also a new platform for building websites. This replaces the traditional WordPress post editor with an extremely superior visual editor. Divi is a great tool for both designers and novices, allowing you to create stunning designs with incredible ease and efficiency.

    WordPress’s Most Powerful Design Tool?

    The ultimate web design editor. Divi is like Sketch or Photoshop for the web. Both beginners and professionals will love Divi’s advanced design interface for WordPress. It is extremely intelligent, flexible, powerful, and visually appealing by nature. This is how web design should be done.

    You can customize every part of your website. You can control the finest details.

    Divi allows you to customize every aspect of your website. Your clients or you can create the website of your dreams. You can easily change the colors, fonts, and styles of text. Create stunning animations. You can transform elements and apply advanced filters and effects. You can adjust spacing and sizing. You can add box shadows or text shadows. Use gradients, images, and videos to create interesting background effects. There are many other options! It is unbelievable how diverse and flexible Divi is.


    Divi makes it so much easier and faster to build websites for clients. Divi allows you to build any type of website using one platform instead of managing multiple themes. See the below video and how one freelancer benefited.


    Divi makes it easier to build websites. Divi will simplify your design process and increase team collaboration. It is also extremely affordable. You can create unlimited websites for clients with a single membership.

    Website owners

    Divi makes it easy to build websites. Divi is ideal for both website owners and beginners. Divi’s visual editor and hundreds of pre-made designs make it easy for anyone to use.

    Split Testing, Lead Generation, and Social Media Integration

    The Elegant Themes plugin suite includes Bloom and Monarch. These are the best tools to gather leads and build your social following. Divi’s built-in split testing tool, Divi leads, can be used to optimize the traffic that you generate.


    You can sell products online with Tailored WooCommerce Integration

    Divi is compatible with WooCommerce and adds elegance to your pages and posts. WordPress makes selling easy.


    Show your work to the world

    Divi’s powerful design features, combined with its built-in portfolio post types and module options, give businesses and creatives everything they need to showcase their work with the same craftsmanship.


    Use powerful stories to create captivating blog posts with unique content design elements.

    Divi is the most powerful and intuitive tool for creating stunning web content. Users of all skill levels can create content experiences that were previously only possible with big budgets or skilled developers.


    A single membership can power your entire team

    Divi can be used by all members of your design team. Divi’s amazing set of efficiency and speed tools will optimize your design workflow.


    You can create unlimited websites with a single license

    One subscription gives you unlimited access to all our themes and plug-ins. You can install them on as many websites as you wish with a single license. You can also use them on unlimited client sites.

    You will find hundreds of Third Party Modules, Themes, and Layouts

    Divi is amazing by itself, but it also has the support of a vibrant community of designers and developers (just like WordPress). You will find tons of free and premium products in the Divi Marketplace that will allow you to create unique websites.


    Developers rejoice! Developers rejoice!

    Divi is much more than a theme. It’s a web design framework that supports a vibrant and passionate community. We believe in extensibility and the creation of an open-source development community. We created the Divi developer API to allow developers to create custom Divi modules and many other features.

    Unlimited Use

    One subscription gives you unlimited access to all our themes and plug-ins. You can install them on as many websites as you wish with a single license. You can also use them on unlimited client sites.

    Simple Pricing

    Only one subscription. No strings attached. All the benefits of a single membership Our themes and plugins can be used on unlimited websites by your entire team.

    Continuous Updates

    You can feel confident that our products are compatible with WordPress’ latest versions.

    Products You Can Trust

    Your website and the websites of your clients are valuable. Trust in the products that power your website. Elegant Themes offers unmatched support and quality products.


    Rock-Solid Security

    When developing products, we take security very seriously. You can rest assured that we are there for you. Do not trust clients’ websites with any plugin or theme.


    24/7 Premium Support

    They are proud of the support they offer their customers. The support team is available 24 hours a day. They will respond within one hour and are available for live chat.


    Active Community

    Elegant Themes is more than just a software store. You will be part of an incredible community full of passionate and wonderful people.

    They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it’s risk-free to sign up.


    What is my Conclusion?  Book How To Genesis Studiopress

    After reviewing the features, options, and performance I would be happy with either the Thrive Themes or Elegant Themes. Really which would I choose if I had to make a choice? Well, I would have to go with Elegant Themes. But, honestly, both are outstanding products and will be around for a long time. If you interest in either product I have included their website links above. I hope this has been of some help to you when it comes to choosing a Theme. I wish you the most success!  Book How To Genesis Studiopress