BEMER (Bio-Electric-Magnetic-Energy-Regulator) is a medical device from Germany that JUMP STARTS the entire circulation system from the largest to the smallest vessels.  The BEMER’s signal, which holds 5 International patents,activates better blood flow with a residual effect of 12-16 hours, which enhances cardiac function and the body’s ability to utilize nutrients, oxygen and proper waste removal. Better circulation enhances physical fitness,endurance, strength, energy, concentration, mental acuity and reduces stress. BEMER has a patented sleep program for sleep management and light therapy for skin issues, including scar tissue and anti-aging.



Pam Bown of BEMERGroup Independent Distributor 

Bio-Electric-Magnetic Energy Regulation that promotes wellness by increasing blood flow enhancing your body’s ability to heal itself. BEMER sessions available by appointment for systemic circulation, targeted application and red light therapy. If you would like sessions, or want a BEMER in your home, office or business, please contact Pam at , Website:, Blog: