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Jewelry made from the Heart, inspired by the Soul. Our Artisan Jeweler’s hand pick their materials from special locations to produce their works of art. Their Soulful pieces have a special quality due to the care and passion each Jeweler gives to every piece they create. Lucky buyers will always find one of a kind jewelry to adorn themselves, which also has an extra special energy of love within each piece.

Artisan Jeweler’s


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Rita Chevli is a local Chicago artist who began her career in arts by earning a degree in Fine Arts in India. Her time spent living in Japan, China and America has influenced her jewelry design today. She started working in silver in 2004, but since then has branched out by incorporating different metals in her jewelry. Rita sketches everywhere. The ideas that come to fruition are born at Rita’s design studio where she transforms each piece from idea to reality. 


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Holland Dunaj  of Holland’s Hollow LLC – a Health, Wellness & Beauty Spa, offering Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Intuitive Art & Readings, Essential Oils, Sound Therapy and Meditation. Holland also happens to be a Breathing Exercise Specialist and GrandMaster Nail Technician CND.

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