Yvonne Hedeker – Recharge Your Cells with Light

an image of Red Light, Blue Light, Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Learn how and why the quality of light, that we are exposed to daily, has a profound impact on our cellular energy, brain function, eyesight, mood, gene expression, longevity factors, and much more!  Bioactive light is an essential missing nutrient for most of us. We were designed by our Creator to absorb, transmit and utilize light…and most of us are deficient. Discover your body’s fiber-optic pathways, find out about the subtle light your DNA is emitting, how we convert light energy into life energy.  We’ll also cover the newest applications of Photobiomodulation and the fascinating “lost” history of light therapy and science.

3:00 – 4:00 – Room 1 


About Yvonne



We love bringing this technology to consumers; everyone likes to feel their best. And we love using it!

We know first hand how incredible the benefits and experience can be. We use it daily and like many of our customers we say “We’re addicted to feeling so good!”.

We are entrepreneurs at heart and Light Health Research is our favorite entrepreneurial adventure. David’s background is in operations, systems and software. Yvonne is a CPA and a clinical hypnotherapist. We are both have an avid interest in wellness and are passionate about helping others.

We wish you wellness, joy and a full, vibrant life!

Yvonne Hedeker & David Allen

ps. our pets love using the DreamSpa too.