Water (Safe Products & Resources)

Water is essential to our lives.  Water does more than quench our thirst, it is a nutrient for our bodies.  Our bodies are 50-75% water, (depending on which scientist you follow).  During the course of the day, our bodies lose water from skin evaporation, breathing, urine and stool.  These losses must be replace to maintain health.  Our fluid loss can be even greater when we live in warmer climates or high altitudes, perform extreme sports, or those whose sense of thirst has diminished.  So when your intake does not equal your output, you become dehydrated. 

It is not only the quantity of water that is important, but the quality of water.  Know the source of where your water comes from.  Does the water have a high mineral content, especially copper?  Is it fluoridated? 

There is controversy about the possible health effects of drinking fluoridated and chlorinated water.  For those who are concerned, there are a variety of water filters available for the counter, under the sink and for the whole house.

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