Vendors 2017

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options-banner-final1 - CopyOptions 4 Health is committed to enhancing the inherent healing ability of each individual and empowering people through teaching principles and skills that enable them to take greater responsibility for their personal development and health maintenance. All therapists are fully licensed and certified in their areas of expertise.  Classes and seminars that offer information and tools for healing, discovery, empowerment and growth in your life are available!  Booth: Room 118


Massage Therapies

Katelyn MarozasKatelyn Marozas, LMT from Options 4 Health. Katelyn has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 7 years and knows many different massage modalities. She has been with Options 4 Health for 5.5 years now and provides quality therapeutic massage to both humans and canines! With her experience and genuine desire to help people and animals Katelyn is a natural healer.

MoniqueMonique Monino from Options 4 Health is a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in Myofascial release, therapeutic massage and Reiki. To get the most benefit from your massage make sure you have a GREAT Therapist and receive massages at least once per month!

Massage is so much more than a stress reliever. Stop making excuses and start investing in your health with us!


Treatment by acupunctureDr. Glenn Gottner, DAOM, L.Ac, ADS/Trainer, L.Ac. ADS. Glen graduated from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, receiving a Doctorate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition and a Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In addition, he is a certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist registered with the National Acupuncture Detox Association and has completed an advanced course of study and internship at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou, China. He is board certified from NCCAOM and is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Illinois. Booth: Room 118


Dr, John HimleyDr. John Himley wishes to help people to live healthier lives through healthier living by incorporating the five key pieces to the health puzzle. These include maintaining a properly functioning nerve system through spinal health, proper nutrition, moderate exercise, proper sleep, and having a great attitude at all times. After teaching science for 3 years, Dr. Himley went on to graduate from the National College of Chiropractic.  Since then he has attended many postgraduate workshops in the fields of spinal biomechanics, pediatrics, neurology, nutrition, food allergy/sensitivity and whiplash. For more information at Himley Chiropractic & Family Wellness: Room 212, C14

Access Consciousness Bars®


Drs. GerloffWhat if you could change anything in your life with ease—as if by magic? Dr. Pamela Gerloff & Dr. Jane Gerloff of Compelling Vision™ are two sisters who share a passion for learning and transformation with ease and joy. Access Consciousness Bars® erase thousands of limiting beliefs, old emotions, past decisions, impressions from other lifetimes, and more in a single session—while you just relax and receive the magic that is who you really are. We gently touch points on your head; your brain, your body, and your whole life change. Free sample sessions at Room 212, Booth C11.



Tom - CopyTom Masbaum and Linda Nyberg are EFT – Advanced, EFT Practitioners. They have presented EFT to over 4,000 people in the Chicago area, eight states and London, England, with over 95% of the recipients who recommend EFT to their family & friends.  Tom offers a 100% guarantee that your session is successful or there is no charge.  Tom also practices MTT, or Meridian Tapping Technique, which is a variation of EFT also Bemer. EFT is a unique form of “psychological acupuncture” that uses the ancient Chinese meridian system to relieve psychological stress and physiological pain. Booth: Room 118, E


Physical Therapy


Red Rock Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of neurologic, vestibular and chronic pain disorders. Red Rock provides myofascial release (MFR) and manual therapy techniques, for both adults and children. Care provided for orthopedic, post operative, pain management, neuralgic, scar tissue issues and more. Our unique boutique style clinic has been able to help many individuals who have not responded to traditional physical therapy techniques and/or other medical interventions. Holistic treatment focused on the whole person, not just symptoms. Booth: Room 118


Light Therapy

pj cristina pic website

PJ Cardona and Cristina Pigeon of Lights and Health are Certified LED Light Therapist who are committed to bringing this all natural healing modality, the InLight Medical System, to the world!  They will offer complimentary LED light therapy sessions to demonstrated how pain and stress can be helped tremendously with light therapy!   After your session, you have the option of taking a system home with you for purchase and or rent to have lights in your home for your whole family to use (your all natural medicine cabinet!).  LED Light Therapy is FDA cleared to increase circulation and decrease your pain! 

Booth: Room 212, C15

Essential Oils – YL

Sherry M.

Sherry LaMarche is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and a Diamond with Young Living. She is also certified in Equine Massage, Canine Myotherapy, Japanese Acupressure and is a Reiki Master and has studied Essential Oils with: D. Gary Young, Gabriel Mojay, Jeffrey Yuen, Dr. Stewart, Robbi Zeck. Booth: Lobby, A9


Sandy Carmichael - CopySandy Carmichael is the owner of Options 4 Health. She and her staff are committed to enhancing the inherent healing ability of each individual and empowering people through teaching principles and skills that enable them to take greater responsibility for their personal development and health maintenance. Whether you are dealing with chronic illness or pain, emotional issues, limited abilities, or are a spiritual seeker looking for a place of connection, Options 4 Health can help. Room 118


Kim Rader - CopyKim Rader is the owner of Bella Medica. Kim is a holistic medspa practitioner who merges modern technology with ancient wisdom to help you look and feel your best!
Body Contoring-Botox-Cosmetic Lasers-Pain Relief Laser-Smoking Cessation & more!

Booth: Room 118 & A7


Dr. (Lee) Elizabeth Laskonis from Options 4 Health is a Naturopathic doctor who graduated from Trinity College of Natural Health and the School of Certified Natural Health Professionals in Warsaw, IN, with the following degrees:

• Certified Natural Health Professional in 1996
• Master Herbalist in 1999
• Naturopathic Doctor in 1999
• Certified Nutritional Counselor in 2001
• Schooled in Iridology, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Body Work, Nutrition, Herbology, Parasitology, Essential Oils, and Homeopathy.

Member of National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals Associate Member of American Association of Nutritional Consultants.  Booth: Room 118


Emilee Bozic - CopyEmilee Bozic of Sole Purpose Reflexology, Inc., Emilee is a ARCB Certified Reflexologist and Instructor at the Healthy Soles School of Reflexology.

Emilee is a dedicated practitioner, and honored to work in presence with her clients.

 Booth – Room 118 C


Monique Essential Ayurveda - CopyMonique McDonell is the founder and owner of Essential Ayurveda. She offers Ayurvedic consultations with a focus on supporting healthy lifestyle changes to help clients achieve their wellness goals.

She offers Ayurvedic Marma and Shirodhara bodywork treatments as well as her line of natural organic Ayurvedic products available through distributors and directly at Booth: Room 212, C7


Life & Spiritual Coaching

Greenleaf_8438-HI - Copy2Carolyn M. Greenleaf is the owner of Greenleaf Healing. Carolyn helps individuals achieve fulfilling lives through gaining a deeper understanding and connection with their authentic selves. This helps utilize new insights, paths and better direction that will bring a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment. Also addressed are ways to resolve negative issues that block desired outcomes and ways to recreate life paths. Carolyn’s methods help individuals move forward in their daily life, discover their purpose, reach goals, obtain their dreams, and reach a state of peace, joy and wholeness. More information: Booth: Lobby, A5

LifeLine-Logo-v5-500x500LifeLine Technique Center. This Technique is based upon Dr. Darren Weissman’s teachings regarding the field of consciousness. LifeLine teaches individuals  how to intentionally change the emotional programs of the subconscious mind and as a natural by-product directly enhance their body’s and relationship’s natural potential to heal and thrive. Programs consist of individual care and personal development with a collective vision of creating world peace through inner peace. Booth: Lobby, A1 & A2

Health & Nutritional Coaching

Debbie Witt - Tailored to You - CopyDebbie WittTailored to You. Debbie’s education has equipped her with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. Debbie helps her clients make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. She will help you develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you.  Debbie is providing 1 hour free consultations! For more information: Booth: Balcony, B13

Reiki & Health Coaching

ShantiShanti S. Jayagopal of OM Shanti Balanced Living is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Chi Universe Yoga Instructor and Young Living Distributor. Shanti’s mission is to help educate people who want to learn, change, evolve and grow for the better. Through her holistic health coaching, Shanti can help provide the means to achieve a healthier life style for her clients.  Shanti’s passion is balanced living and spreading the word in a positive loving manner. Booth: Balcony, B6

 Energy Healing

025_Angie_111016 5x7 - Copy

Angie ZXUH of  Lasting Serenity is a AumaKhua-Ki® Master Practitioner/Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, and Advanced Soul Realignment™ Practitioner. Angie is on a mission to empower people through transformation and balance. For this Expo, Angie is offering Chakra Assessment and Balancing Mini Sessions (15-20 minutes): Intuitive assessment of the 7 Major Chakras, Energetic Balancing with AumaKhua-Ki®, written copy of the assessment results with “homework” to maintain the energetic balancing. Crystal Grounding or Heart Connection Sessions: (10 minutes) to help entrain the energy of grounding or connection to the heart. Booth: Room 212, C5


Virginia Adams - CopyVirginia “Ginger Adams is a gifted Energy Healer.  She will be facilitating powerful mini Reconnective Healing Sessions. Ginger enters into a space of pure allowance becoming the vessel (vehicle) from which your “healing” experience is poured out. Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment. People experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual hearings during these sessions. Booth: Room 212, C13


Heartland Meditation - CopyHeartland Meditation was inspired by technique introduced by the world renown Korean innovator Woo Myung. The Heartland Meditation takes students throughout seven levels of meditation. Because the process is gradual and always learned through a personal guide, you’ll be able to understand and absorb the lessons with relative ease even if you’ve never attempted meditation before. Heartland is a non profit organization. Booth: Room 212, C2

Skin & Body Products

ResQ Organics Human - CopyResQ Organics are a privately owned Organic/Natural Skin Care line of Products and Full Spectrum Organic CBD Company for people and their animal companions.  ResQ is committed to creating products that address your many health issues from the inside out. Their mission is to bring the highest quality products made from only raw, organic and natural ingredients that are food-grade quality, and are safe, yet effective, from our family to yours. We use the highest quality organic and natural ingredients such as Manuka Honey, Cehami, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Natural Oils, Vitamins and Trace Minerals from Special Blue-Green Algae.  and Booth: Room 212, C6


Susan McGladeSue McGlade is a manager and consultant of Arbonne International. Arbonne skincare products are based on botanical principles and are vegan-certified. Their line includes both inner and outer health and beauty products. Products include; anti-aging skin care, spa products nutritional and health, weight loss and wellness products. Many of these products will be available at the expo! Balcony, B12


Animal Care


Dr. Jim Carlson, DVM CVA CVTP.   Is the owner of Riverside Animal Clinic. Here, he offers a variety of holistic solutions for animal companions. Services include laser surgery, cold laser, senior pet care, spa services, acupuncture, herbal treatments, TuiNa, natural food therapy and custom holistic testing. Their list of treatments and holistic wellness offerings is always growing! More information: Booth: Lobby, A6

Animal Nutrition

Mary GreenwaldMary Greenwald is the owner of Mother Earth Pet Products in Wauconda. Mary supplies pet owners with a large variety of raw meats. She also has mixed vegetable options, raw goats milk, organic mushrooms and treats, antlers and so much more! Buy some goodies for your pets and become one of Mary’s grateful customers. I, Carolyn Greenleaf and my dog Titania are one of her very happy clients!  Booth: Balcony, B10

Animal Skin Care

ResQ Organics for Pets - CopyResQ Organics for Pets are a privately owned Organic/Natural Skin Care line of Products and Full Spectrum Organic CBD Company for people and their animal companions. ResQ uses the highest quality organic and natural ingredients such as  Manuka Honey, Cehami, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Natural Oils, Vitamins and Trace Minerals from Special Blue-Green Algae. These products provide: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Pain, Anti-Fungal , Anti-Itch, Anti-Viral, Powerful Humectant, Anti-Inflammatory andCellular Regeneration. ResQ donates their products to animal rescues across the country and a portion of every purchase is donated to help animals in need. http://resqorganics.comand  

Booth: Room 212, C6

Animal Communication


Linda Roberts pet communicator and Howie - CopyLinda Roberts is the owner of Whispers of Love. Linda is a lifelong animal lover, who is passionate about their emotional and physical well-being. She has communicated with animals her entire life. Linda Roberts created Whispers of Love to assist people and animals through Animal Communication, Shamanic, Intuitive healing and Energy Work. Linda will offer Intuitive readings at expo.

Booth: Room 212, C9



Hope BlackHope Black is the founder of Making the Connection. For over a decade Hope Black has been an Animal Intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher and Holistic Pet Coach. She is also a certified Environmental Consultant. These experiences led her to create Making the Connection ~ From The Heart. Making The Connection is first and foremost a “voice” for our animal companions. Hope believes our animals can no longer be seen and not heard. It is about becoming aware that the choices we are making are having an impact on the lives of our animal companions. We focus on prevention and providing education. or Hope is offering 20-minute mini Animal Communication Consultations! Booth: Balcony, B11

*Also, See Derren Robb Below

Aura Photography

katherine k.jpg2Katherine Kennedy has been providing Aura Photos for 20 years. Katherine uses a special camera that capture people’s auras, otherwise known as the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. Each person’s aura has a variety of colors and intensity which has a great deal of meaning. Messages and Spiritual Beings can also be found within someones aura. After your photo is taken, Katherine will explain what the colors and images mean. Booth: Balcony, B3


Craig HeinzeCraig Heinze has collected, traded and sold crystals for most of his life – it is his passion! Craig offers a great deal of variety and size options. Craig is bringing many types of crystals, quartz, amethyst, minerals, petrified wood, fossils, spheres, eggs, cabochons, beads, agates, geodes, pendants, and much more. Email requests to Cash discount given. See the selection in Room 212, Booth C8. Come to chat and get to know a new stone. Life is good.


LLeigh Spoehr 2eigh Spoehr of Leighbeads Jewelry gathers inspiration from ancient cultures around the world- taking this to new expressions for modern day living. Using gemstones, crystals, all types of beads and many different stones along with copper and silver to make wire wrap and sheet metal creations. You can view some of her beautiful creations at: Leighbeads

Booth: Room 212, C1


Gale Nienhuis-jewrey Lisa N. PartnerGale Nienhuis of Windsong Creations will have handcrafted jewelry, chakra collection, ink and polymer pendants and angel intention candles. Gale is inspired by all of nature and God’s creations.  She loves mythology and stories of all kinds. The magical and mystical are part of her everyday life. Gale loves working with bright and intense color, clay, inks, wood, beads, Pebeo, wire and anything else that she stumbles across. Booth: Room 212, C3


Rita Chevli 1 - Copy.jpg

Rita Chevli is a local Chicago artist who began her career in arts by earning a degree in Fine Arts in India. Her time spent living in Japan, China and America has influenced her jewelry design today. She started working in silver in 2004, but since then has branched out by incorporating different metals in her jewelry. Rita sketches everywhere. The ideas that come to fruition are born at Rita’s design studio where she transforms each piece from idea to reality. 

Booth: Room 212, C10

Products & Crafts

Jody EvansJody Evans owns Generators by Jody. Utilizing orgone energy generators enables a natural means to aid in the cleansing of negative orgone energy in your environment. It is Jody’s goal to enable others to benefit from the healing properties of surrounding themselves with positive orgone energy. An orgone energy generator is one aspect of achieving that goal. Booth: Balcony, B1


Dawn - Whispering Oaks.jpg11Dawn Schinina of Whispering Oaks found her true love while growing up in northern New Jersey in the heart and soul of the Ramapo Mountains. There, she learned while spending most of her childhood playing in the woods, that she was not alone. As she was drawn to the mysteries and spirits of the old Revolutionary Soldiers that would watch over her, she would learn later in life that the forest had many stories to be told from the trees to the cool moss under the Great Oaks. Using her communication with spirits to channel mysteries, she has created items to heal, protect, and to enhance the pure enjoyment of small fantasies. Now you can own them too. Dawn will have Delightful Egg fairy homes | Clay essential oil necklace diffusers | fairy homes | healing stones | Captured Fairies | spell jars.  Dawn at Whispering Oaks

Booth: Balcony, B2


Weaving Floor Planter BasketMary Price of Sunset Ridge Basketry is a basket weaving instructor from Woodstock Illinois. She has been weaving since 1996. Mary started teaching in 1999 from her home studio in Woodstock which she opens for private class bookings. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for the art of basket weaving with others. She travels offering classes at retirement communities, churches, libraries and community park districts, civic centers…..etc. She coordinates classes for home school students, Boy and Girl Scouts and in-home basket weaving parties. She has created her own basket patterns and specializes in practical, functional reed baskets. Products/Services offered at Expo Functional hand woven baskets by Mary Price. Booth: Room 212, C16


LisanomikosLisa Nomikos is the founder of Gathering Visions, a place for all the images gathering in her head to be displayed. Her beautiful and intriguing images are more than simple artwork. Their evocative presence connects people to their individual journeys, containing vibrations that reach people on multiple levels. She offers abstract soul reflection portraits that display a person’s energetic soul imprint. Lisa Nomikos joined forces with empathic intuitive Lisa Gniady, who divinely channels guidance with words while Lisa Nomikos creates the intuitive images. The  combined soul reflection readings make tangible in WORDS and IMAGE the energetic calling of your soul. Portraits are created with colored pencils, water colors and glitter glue. Information:

Booth: Room 212, C3


Cynthia Conte-JonesCynthia Conte is an Artist and photographer. She is a creative soulful and passionate creature who captures the unique essence of all she creates. Cynthia uses a variety of media and continues to expand creations possibilities…. You can find more information at

Booth: Room 212,  C12


Christina HChristina Hladnik of Eye Am Creations is an instinctive artist and channeler of divine energy. Her mission is to spread love and light one piece of art at a time.  Each piece that comes through Christina is a reflection of the soul of the person she is painting for. Sometimes this comes out in textures, words, colors. Christina will be offering mini “Soul Reflection” Paintings. Each piece of art reflects the magnificence of each clients soul and any messages that come through for them. Also available will be affirmation art on small wooden blocks. Booth: Room 212, C13

Henna & Face Painting

Leah McCloskey - Copy.jpg8Leah McCloskey is the owner of Heavenly Henna by Leah is a natural henna artist. She makes her own henna paste using all natural henna powder, organic lemon juice, sugar and essential oils, either lavender, cajeput, neroli and lemon eucalyptus, or any of the above in combination. Leah will often draw from your energy and come up with a design that is uniquely yours. She is also able to create designs similar to others if you have a design in mind, but be aware that it may not be exact. Booth: Balcony, B1

Melody Perkarek - Another Pretty Face.jpg 8

Melody Pekarek of Another Pretty Face has been entertaining children and adults of ALL ages in the Chicago area for over 18 years. From simple to elaborate, Another Pretty Face designs will bring a smile to your face and provide you with fun, lasting memories of your event. Melody provides Body art & Family entertainment; face painting, henna, temporary tattoos, storytelling, balloon art, balloon décor, and more. For more information, go to her Facebook biz page: or on the Web,  You can find Melody on the Balcony,  in booth B9


Rev Lindsey photo (2)Dr. Lindsey Halpern-Givens from Options 4 Health finds that Tarot and/or Oracle cards help empower people to understand who they are and how they can use a reading to guide and change their lives. Lindsey believes we are co-creators with the universe.  Card readings allow us to approach life with a positive energy and spirit.  In each reading Lindsey helps clients access their inner wisdom and gain greater understanding of their lives. For more information, click this link:

Booth: Lobby, A4


shutterstock_111293468Derren Robb is a Spiritual Psychic and medium. Derren provides Intuitive Readings, Animal Communication, Angel Guidance, symbiotic code and input reading, past life readings. You can reach him via email:

Booth: Room 212, C3


Jan Cederlund

Jan CederlundTarot with Jan. Whether it’s Tarot Reading, Meditation Counseling, or Intuitive Life Coaching, you’ll find that Jan is that elusive “normal person” rarely found at psychic fairs and tourist traps.  With Tarot as her guide, she’ll show you the influences behind your daily drama and the life patterns which may impact your ability to manifest your authentic life!

Jan holds a PhD in Metaphysical Philosophy, a Masters in Metaphysical Science, is a trained and intuitive Tarot reader, and holds advanced degrees in traditional education.   Readings: 15, 30, or 45 minutes in the Balcony, Booth B4. or, contact Jan at:

Carole Dienethal - CopyCarole Dienethal is a Life & Spiritual Reader. Carole provides readings to help those requesting advise toward life decisions that are most beneficial to their journey. You may remember Carole from Leaves of Earth metaphysical shop in Antioch. Booth: Balcony, B7

Akashic Records

Sandy Passmore

Sandy Passmore is a Certified Akashic Record Consultant and Intuitive Consultant. Akashic Records, are an amazing navigational tool which can guide us through multiple opportunities and challenges.  The wisdom of the Records is available to everyone, they tap into your past lives and your present life’s energy uncovering gifts as well as conflicts.  This information offers healing to the body and peace to the mind.  The Records are practical and share the BIGGER picture of your current reality, while offering the necessary smaller details which assist in removing blocked areas from your consciousness. BENEFITS;  The Records and Life energy guarantees an outcome which is practical, applicable and doable, custom fit for you.  Booth: Balcony, B5


ValerieWood - Copy

Valerie Wood from Options 4 Health is an Angel Ambassador & Medium communicating with Archangel Michael, angels, ascended masters & deceased loved ones. She communicates their love, guidance, compassion & humor to others.Angels are here to guide us in all areas of life including work, relationships, love, and money.  Their wisdom is one that is always available to us; all we need to do is ask. For more information, click this link:

Booth: Room 118


Al Jewer
Al Jewer

Al Jewer will play for us throughout the day and also have CD’s for purchase. Al  is a respected record producer, engineer, artist and composer, but most importantly a terrific flute player. As a studio musician for the last 20 years, his work in all genres of music reads like a quilt of musical styles. He has played Early Music, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Celtic, Reggae, Rock, Poetry Fusion and Experimental music. However, nine years ago he discovered the beauty of the Native American flute and its simple yet profound music.

Booth: Lobby, A8


mofo2016-michael-bettine_medMichael Bettine of G O N G T O P I A will not only preform, but he will also have CD’s available for purchase! Michael presents concerts of original compositions & improvisations played on metal instruments, sounding bass drum, and hand drums. Working with the Gongs, Singing Bowls, Bells and Metals is extremely satisfying. The vibrations are intense and beautiful. He’s also released over 40 albums of solo percussion music and various duo/trio performances. Another aspect of this work is presenting both Gong Meditation Sessions & Sound Workshops, using Gongs, Singing Bowls & Bells. These instruments create vibratory fields that can affect changes in your energy system.

Booth: Room 212, C4

Wine Tasting

Jean Spencer - wine tastingJean Spencer of Direct Cellars is providing wine tasting! The mission of Direct Cellars is to enable you to enjoy your wine experience, in the comfort of your own home, having fun with your friends and family. Discovering wines you would have likely never found by searching through hundreds and hundreds of selections at your local retail wine store. For more information:

Booth: Balcony, B14



Cafe 31Cafe 31 North will be providing food and beverages that include vegetarian and gluten free options! Sandwiches, salads, desserts and surprises will be on the menu for purchase. Cafe 31 North is not only a restaurant, they also cater and provide carry out orders too!

Cafe 31 North is located at 217 Front St. Suite A,McHenry, Il 60050. 815-679-6630

Booth: Room 212, CF