Tea has been used for thousands of years its health benefits.  Research has shown that teas can help with mental alertness, protection against disease, and an enjoyable social ritual for the renewal of the spirit.

Some of the suggested benefits of tea have been attributed to cardiovascular health, protecting the immune system, oral health, weight loss to name a few.

When searching for teas, seek out organic and Fair Trade Certified Teas.



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Aromatherapy + Good Vibes = Nefertem Holistic Skincare. Elevate your routine naturally with ingredients grown or raised as nature intended – organically. Infused with herbs, pure essential oils, and positive intention to restore your spirit and cleanse your mind. Offering: handcrafted soap, tallow body butter, aromatherapy sprays, essential oils, herbal teas and balms. Also offering classes on the art of aromatherapy blending.

Phone: 970-305-2419, Website: https://www.nefertemnaturals.com

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