Teachers of Healing Modalities

Training and certification in several Holistic Healing Modalities are provided the teachers listed below.



Barb RochaDr. Barbara M. Rocha N.D.
Naturopath, Spiritual and Holistic Counselor, Teacher, Nondenominational Minister

Dr. Rocha serves her patients and clients through a whole and connected relationship between mind, body and spirit. Dr. Rocha’s expertise lies in many topics such as natural health and wellness, angels, indigenous cultures, energy facilitation, aura interpretations, religions and ancient belief systems as well as paranormal phenomena. She works with people, animals and nature to bring harmony, health and respect to all aspects of life.




Majestic Wellness Center - Nina

Nina Venturella of Majestic Wellness Academy,  a non-profit, accredited comprehensive, wellness educational center focusing on cleansing and weight loss and overall wellness. Our primary concentration is on the lymphatic system through a newly discover technique termed X’Tract. Founder, Nina Venturella, has performed X’Tract on thousands of clients for several years with very exciting results.

xtractyou@gmail.com, or nina@learnxtract.com

Website: www. learnxtract.com