Past Life Therapy

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Past life therapy is a therapy in which an individual is regressed to past lives in order to heal and resolve ailments and situations from the current life.

Past lives may be accessed through regression therapy, hypnosis, guided imagery , dreams, cranio-sacral therapy and other types of bodywork, spontaneous regressions, automatic writing, meditation , or contact with one’s higher self. Dealing with one’s higher self is achieved through meditation and hypnosis and is based on the belief that the soul retains information of past lives and uses this to set the destiny of the current life. Contacting the higher self is said to help change one’s destiny. The therapy is usually performed on an individual basis.


Past Life Therapists 


Lisa EfflandtLisa Efflandt of Changing Perceptions

Lisa is a Hypnotherapist with a firm belief in the mind, body, spirit connection.  Through Hypnotherapy Lisa can help you access the subconscious thoughts and views formed in childhood and allow the adult wiser you to call the shots.   Lisa also specialties in Pain Management, Anxiety/Fears, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Trauma. Lisa’s office is located in MHenry IL  Email:

Barbara Rose Grace.docx 1Rev. Dr. Rose Grace works with individuals and groups using a variety of proven methodologies backed by scientific research, holistic techniques, and four decades of clinical experience.  She mentors, teaches, and guides clients and students to discover where they are on their human and Spiritual paths and then helps them uncover their next steps.

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