Our Policies

Policies for MLM, Franchises and Products


MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

This Expo is designed to promote holistic and alternative solutions for improved health and wellness for the body, mind, spirit, environment, animals, etc. For this reason, all exhibitors must either sell products or provide services for the betterment of the public. We will not allow hard selling or recruiting. If you represent an MLM (Multi Level Marketing), you may get people’s names and contact information if they are interested in recruitment; but you will not be allowed to recruit at the expo. Recruitment must be on your time and outside of all activities All Things Wellness Events & Expo provides.

Only 1 MLM as a Primary per company can be an exhibitor at our Events & Expos.

If an Exhibitor plans on selling MLM products, they must state that on the Member Booth Application Form.  Please read the policies we have implemented to conform with MLM companies that have specific rules for Expos.

In addition:

  • All Exhibitors with MLM products must provide ATWE with a copy of the Tradeshow and Exhibitions Policies.
  • If your MLM requires you to obtain permission to exhibit at our Events or Expos, you must provide ATWE with a copy of your approved status before you obtain a booth.
  • Exclusive Rights: Whoever provides us with all the necessary documentation first, will be given the right to sell their MLM products, have their banner displayed, included in the Expo program and other advertising for the Expo.

In Fairness to All:

  • If there can be only one (1) Representative for an MLM, you cannot exhibit additional MLM products who have the same policy.
  • Your MLM must be in the appropriate category/location ATWE provides.

Primary MLM Booth – The sole purpose is to educate the properties and/or sell these licensed products. The booth may have a banner with the MLM’s name, but remember, no recruiting.

Non-Primary MLM items at boothThis policy is for MLMs that do not restrict the presence of their products to a sole representative per Event or Expo. We understand that many in the holistic fields use products sold by and may be a member of a variety of MLM’s (Essential Oils, CBD, Supplements, etc.) as additional tools in their profession. However, these MLM’s are not their primary reason to be an exhibitor. This means – an exhibitor may have MLM products available, but not as their Primary. This booth may not have a banner for the MLM.


Our allegiance is towards smaller businesses that need the opportunities larger franchises already have. At this time, we are not allowing franchises into our Membership or Events & Expos.


We do not promote products. We promote Members who may or may not be selling products.

Controversial Products

Products at this point in time that have potentially harmful effects are not allowed at our Events or Expo’s. These types of products are not listed in our Directory.

At this point in time, here is a list of products we will not support:

  • Growth Hormones
  • Synthetic Vitamins & Supplements
  • All Forms of Synthetic Marijuana (FDA approved or not)
  • No Asbestos
  • No illegal substances


We are continually updating our Policies to ensure the integrity of ATWE’s Mission, Board, Members, Sponsors and Alliances.