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Organic Food refers to the foods that are grown, manufactured and handled by the organic methods as regulated by agencies, such as the USDA  under the Organic Food Products Act.  To label a food organic, a manufacture must follow specific rules and regulations of the USDA or other country’s governing agencies.

The primary difference between Organic and non organic foods is organics are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, genetic engineering, pesticides, herbicides or chemical agents to control/kill insects, weeds, and fungal infestations.

Natural Foods are usually minimally processed or small crop farmers try to incorporate organic methods, but cannot afford to have their crops certified organic.  At this time, there are no stringent standards.



freshmarketlogo1540_0Fresh Market

Fresh Market focuses on the value of supporting local growers and charities, while offering the freshest and most delicious foods possible. The Fresh Market is proud to provide their guests with a warm and inviting shopping experience in every community we serve. Delivering a fresh take on grocery shopping for more than 35 years.


food shed logoFood Shed Coop

We are a group of regular folks working hard to open a community-owned grocery store in McHenry County, IL. Food Shed’s mission is to build local food cooperative promoting a healthy, ethical and resilient community. They promote and foster better food choices, cultivate and strengthen our local economy, inspire and empower community, and champion environmentally responsible practices., Email:


linda-epsteinLinda Epstein of Energetic Therapies, People, Animals and Environment. Linda offers energetic healing modalities for the mind, body, and spirit.  Illness results from the lowering of the body’s frequencies below what is needed for a healthy and vibrant body.

Linda is a BioAge distributor of Algae products, a whole and pure food source. 

Website:, Email:


Essential Nutrition Logo

Laura Smith of Essential Nutrition & Wellness is dedicated to people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  We focus on health from the outside in and inside out.  Our services include targeting inflammation, weight loss, bio-energetic feedback analysis, supplements, anti-aging, and chronic illness.  Our state-of-the-art alternative wellness and healing support modalities include Bemer, CBD Oil, Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Qualification, Zyto, Neora and Shape Reclaimed.

Located in Barrington, IL, 847-904-0327,


patty-aug-2018-e1553099675295.jpegPatty Aument of Purium Health Products

Purium foods give you high energy & health; so that the body heals and builds itself. Organic line for weight loss, athletic performance, daily nutrition, kids, energy, discomfort, stress, sleep, juice, raw green drinks, CBD, detox/remove glyphosate and heal the micro biome (gut), etc.

Email:  Phone: 847-508-4080

Facebook: @purepatty (Super Food Transformation Group), &



logo_neolifeCynthia Germata, NeoLife Promoter

NeoLife offers a 60 year history of superior quality whole food nutrition. Products that are science-based and clinically proven. Full Traceability: From Farm to Table. Products that work.

They will be offering free tasting of products. They will have a drawing for a 3-Day Detox Kit. Give them your hand for a free sampling of their Nutriance Organic Skin Care. ,


VasayoAlix Levine of Vasayo  

Featuring nutritional supplements with Advanced Delivery Technology. Vasayo delivers results using our Advanced Delivery Technology, which utilizes the power of liposomes and enzymes for increased bioavailability. Our liposomes are double-layered bubbles or spheres that surround nutrients, helping them to pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.*