Membership Application

(If you are interested in only becoming a vendor in the 2019 Expo and not have the Membership benefits, please fill out the Vendor Application.)

This is the first step for acceptance as part of the All Things Wellness Events & Expo Family!

  • We ask that you read our Mission Statement, and if you believe you are the right fit for us, please fill out the information below.
  • After review from the entire board, we will inform you of your acceptance or why we have declined your application.
  • If you are accepted, we will contact you as events are planned in which we feel you may be a good fit. If you wish to be a vendor at our Expo’s, we will contact you about the details as we finalize our plans, including booth pricing.
  • Upon your acceptance, you will also be required to purchase a Membership. This Membership includes: Your articles in our Newsletters, your business listings in our Directory, opportunity to have your educational events on our Class Calendar and information shared on Social Media posts on your behalf. This membership is $100 per year. The 1 year recurring billing cycle begins when payment is received. Please see our Membership page for more information.

Membership Application Form

Please fill out the following information. Either copy/paste form below onto a document and email to  or contact us via email and we will send you the form.

We will not accept handwritten, or images of the application.

Please fill out the Application using Lowercase, Black Font, size 11 in  Arial

Where did you hear about us?

Why do you wish to be part of All Things Wellness Events & Expo and how do you feel you could benefit our Mission?

What is your area of expertise?

Please Answer Yes or No to the following Questions:
  • Do you have credentials?
  • If yes, please list them:

What is your area of interested?

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  • Teaching:
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  • Becoming a Vendor/Exhibitor:
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  • Volunteering:
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  • Offering space for our Events?
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  • Where do your products and/or ingredients come from?

♦ I have read and agree to abide by your Mission Statement and purchase a Membership if I am accepted:      Yes     or      No

Each entry we receive will be considered based upon relevancy, reputation and if we feel your business practices are aligned with our mission.

It is the policy of All Things Wellness Events & Expo not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap, or veteran status in our decisions. If you are accepted, you will be expected to follow the values stated in our mission statement.

If you are accepted, we will contact you and discuss possibilities.

For more information, please contact us at

All Things Wellness Events & Expo