For Responsible Holistic Practitioners, Educators, Speakers and Vendors

This membership is designed to promote responsible holistic providers throughout the year. This is one of the ways All Things Wellness Events & Expo is fulfilling their mission; to inform the public about what is available, and be a supportive source for all associated.

It does not matter where Members live, or if they chose to be an exhibitor at ATWE’s events or expos to take advantage of this membership opportunity! However, everyone must go through the approval process by filling out the Membership Application. Once an application is accepted, there is no need to reapply.

Membership Benefits

Exhibitor & Speaking Opportunities!

Approved Members are included on ATWE’s communication list. This list informs all Members of the Event and Expo opportunities available.

ATWE Promotes!

ATWE understands it can be difficult and costly to get information into public awareness. Holistic businesses tend to be small with limited means or time to promote their skills, name, or their business.

To help Members and their industries, ATWE has created various ways of connecting Members with the public.


ATWE sends newsletter to keep subscribers and followers up to date with events and expo progress, as well as informative articles from Members. These articles are linked to the Members (authors) website or Facebook page.

  • Newsletters :
    • For Members knowledge about their expertise, services and products.
    • May include up to 10 article/blog spaces, with links to Members/authors website or contact information per newsletter. ATWE gives equal opportunities!
    • Updates for subscribers entailing ATWE’s efforts, events and expos.
    • Each newsletter has button/links to promote ATWE’s Directory and Practitioners Class Calendar (see below).
    • Newsletters are delivered to ATWE subscribers through Mail Chip email service, Website Blog and shared on Social Media.

Social Media

ATWE also utilizes Social Media by posting links and information found on ATWE’s website, events and expo information, Members information, links and industry articles. ATWE loves educating the public as much as possible! Platforms are Facebook, Twitter and developing Instagram account.

  • Social Media:
    • These posts include ATWE’s Newsletters, Members articles, Directory pages, Practitioner Class Calendar links, plus additional information that bring awareness to the various holistic/alternative fields, products and much more.
    • Additional posts are made for each Member who becomes an exhibitor at the event or expo ATWE is promoting.


ATWE has developed a Directory that is located in the website! Updates and expansions are always taking place. If there is a modality a Member practices, but not listed, we will create a new listing.

  • Listings for Members information with links and contact information. Members are listed in each section they practice.
  • Each holistic modality, alternative service and products will have an explanation and links to every Members business that provides them.
  • Continually updated with additional modalities and services that arise.
  • Directory is promoted on Social Media and Newsletters.
  • We also offer a PDF of our Directory that is updated approximately every 3 months

Practitioner Class Calendar

This helps ATWE inform the public through offerings from their Members! Part of ATWE’s Mission is to educate the public any way they can. However, each Member is completely responsible in all respects.

Article & Video Services

For an added cost, we will interview by video or write an article for our Members.

Supportive Group Meetings!

One of ATWE’s Missions is to enhance support, unity and community. These goals are part ATWE’s organization in every possible way.

ATWE provides periodic group meetings for Members! These meetings give ATWE’s board and organizers a chance to connect with Members, answer questions, offer additional information and hear what Members have to say. This is also where ATWE board and Members can brainstorm about the various possibilities on the horizon.

In addition, there is a private ATWE Practitioner-Vendor Forum Group on Facebook for all Members. This is just another place to share information within the ATWE Family.

Networking Possibilities!

Due to the vetting process, ATWE strives for members who are responsible and share the same commitment toward honesty, wellness, unity and community. This provides great resource opportunities for Members to comfortably connect and refer within ATWE’s group of Members. Since ATWE includes practitioners, community resources and businesses that touch every area of one’s life, there is a varied pool in which to network.

 Supportive of You & Your Field!

ATWE is using a portion of their proceeds to hire experts who can educate and assist Members in ways that will help enhance their businesses.

Create Community!

Part of ATWE’s proceeds is allocated toward projects that will help bring communities together in positive ways! Members are part of this planning and connection process too.

Membership Cost?

This membership is $100 per year. The 1 year recurring billing cycle begins when payment is received.

Before a Membership is obtained, everyone must fill out and send their Membership Application. This Application can be found on the website, or emailed to prospects.

If interested, have questions or would like to send your Membership Application, please do so via email:

*This Membership does not include board/officer voting rights.