Ken Talaga

Nothos Natural Music

Ken began his music training at the age of 9 years old. He started with keyboards then began lessons on clarinet and the drum kit for 7 years. He is an avid listener to most music genres but his favorite genre is world or ethnic music.

Twenty-five years ago he heard Native American style flute and was captivated enough to begin playing the instrument. He has also lead many drum circles, some include; Ginger Blossoms, Pagan Pride events, Earth Day celebrations, firewalks and is currently leading a monthly drum circle in Delevan WI.

Ken is currently recording his own improvisational songs using wood flutes, various types of drums, digeridoo, singing bowls, and other natural instruments and natural sounds. Currently he has enough finished songs for 3 or 4 albums. His music is improvisational playing from the heart. He uses only acoustic instruments for his very own style of rejuvenating, meditational healing music.  In his spare time he makes Native American style wood flutes and sells them.