Hydrotherapy for Animals

Hydrotherapy is the use or application of water to promote or supplement the healing process.   Hydrotherapy can be as simple as soaking their paws in a basin of water or having them enter a tank of warm water to swim or underwater treadmills to exercise.  Swimming and other activities in a tank of water help provide a range of motion, helps to exercise limbs, bones, joint, muscles, or nerves.

The advantage of hydrotherapy is that it is a weightless environment that encourages the use of the animal’s limbs, while helping to increase range of motion and movement, that would normally be unattainable, or to painful to the animal.

Hydrotherapy is appropriate for:  ACL/TPLO, Arthroscopic surgery, healing broken bones, spinal issues, arthritis, dysplasia, paralysis, degenerative myelopathy, muscle atrophy and weight loss.