Holistic Veterinarian Medicine

Holistic vet
Holistic medicine is the practice of determining the best humane treatment for an animal, often incorporating both, conventional and complementary therapies.  

Veterinarians who practice holistically, take into account, the whole picture of the animal:  its environment, its relationships with man/animal, the pattern of the illness, its genetics, type of nutrition, stress levels, and other factors in addition to the medical history.

Holistic veterinarians not only to address the symptoms, which most of us see as the disease, but addresses the issues that are causing the illness, and then, when the true cause of the illness is found, then, they can create a protocol to increase the possibility of healing.
Holistic veterinarian’s goal, is to use the least invasive and least harmful means to healing, but will also incorporate Western technology if that is the most appropriate means of treatment.  Often they may combine both modalities when needed.

Holistic Veterinarians complete a four year Doctor of Medicine program after undergraduate school.  After that, they can continue on to, the Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine.  From there some may specialize in Chiropractics, Homeopathic, Acupuncture, and TCM.

Holistic practitioners, often called Integrative Practitioners are highly skilled and educated in the traditional and complementary forms of animal medicine.