Feng Shui

Feng Shui
There is a connection between our living and and working spaces with our physical health.
We all resonate to the vibrational patterns that exist where ever we go.  So it behooves us to make sure that where we spend the majority of our time, that we have created an environment that is conducive to keeping us in balance and harmony.
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating that healthy environment to according to the principles of energy flowing harmoniously.  Feng Shui is a design system that combines the knowledge of:  architecture, psychology, spirituality, the flow of chi, and Chinese folklore, to create positive energy into all areas of your life. 
Feng Shui principles have been used for thousands of years, from emperors, businessmen, landscapers and housewives.  With Feng Shui, you can design your living and working environment to improve your health, your relationships, enhance your career and achieve success and happiness in your life.
A Feng Shui consultant can assist you in assessing the energy of your home, office, or yard.  They can then address the areas that are not in harmony and offer solutions to create a harmonious flow of chi.