Expo 2019 Information for Exhibitors & Presenters

Expo 2019 - Eventbrite

The reason for this expo is to promote the holistic fields, and those who provide these services and products.  We also wish to enlighten the community about the alternative, holistic, empowering and safe products and services the holistic fields provide.

All Things Wellness Events & Expo is creating a Bridge, where connections, new realizations and opportunities are possible for all!

All Things Wellness Events & Expo or ATWE provides Memberships that support and promote the holistic, alternative fields and practitioners-providers.  For the 2019 Expo, we are allowing Non-Members to apply with a Vendor Application. You may find this Application on our website or request it to be emailed to you. You also have an opportunity to instead apply for a Membership. Memberships provide continuous benefits throughout the year. If you are already a Member, you need not apply for Expo’s or Events. Information about our Membership can be found on our website or emailed to you upon request.

This Expo is designed to promote holistic and alternative solutions for improved health and wellness for the body, mind, spirit, environment, animals, etc. For this reason, all exhibitors must be able to educate the public about their services and/or products and either sell products or provide these services for the betterment of the public. We will not allow hard selling or recruiting. If you represent an MLM (Multi Level Marketing), you may get people’s names and contact information if they are interested in recruitment; but you will not be allowed to recruit at the expo. Recruitment must be on your time and outside of all activities All Things Wellness Events & Expo provides.


Saturday April 6, 2019 we are open to the public 12 – 6 pm (vendors are allowed to set up between 8-9 am)

  • April 6 at 6-9 pm, we are offering a Free showing of the HEAL Movie to attendees. If you are a practitioner you are invited to provide information and participate with the audience after the movie – at no charge. During this time, all exhibitions will be closed, until we reopen on Sunday.

Sunday April 7, 2019 we reopen to the public 10 am – 5 pm (vendors are prohibited from breaking down their booth before 5 pm)


D’Andrea Banquet & Conference Center
4419 US-14, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Excellent location! On Northwest Hwy/Route 14, next to Route 31’s on/off ramps.

We will occupy the entire top floor, including the lobby. The lower level is reserved for vendors, presenters, volunteers and ATWE board. This is a comfortable area with bathrooms and quite seating area. Tables will be set up to provide lunch for those who preorder – menu options include GF, vegan and vegetarian options.  No food or drink is allowed into the D’Andrea.

This Expo will be displayed on D’Andrea’s outdoor signs, along Rt. 14

Public Admission

$10 for 1 day or $15 for both days.

Tickets are available at the door and Eventbrite


Available for Mind, Body, Spirit of self, nature, animals, community, environment, business…..

  • Holistic/Alternative healing modalities, nutritional, counseling, and products
  • Positive, holistic and/or alternative solutions for every area of one’s life, including home, environment, animals, leadership, finance, etc.

We have 95 booths in total. All prices are increased by $25 for Non-Members

  • 6 x 5 space = $235/265 (Ballroom)
  • 6 x 6 space = $280/305 (Ballroom)
  • 6 x 8 Space = $360/385 (Ballroom & Lobby)
  • 6 x 10 Space = $440/465 (Ballroom)
  • 8 x 8 Space = $470/495 (Ballroom)
  • 7 x 10 Space = $510/535 (Ballroom)
  • 8 x 10 Space = $580/605 (Ballroom)

Booth Promotional Opportunities

We will list each exhibitor’s contact information in various places to ensure continual opportunities for you.

Website Listing

To provide the best possible exposure for you and your business, we have an Expo 2019 page on our website to list your business. This page will be available for several months after the Expo.

We will include:

2019 Expo Program

Each Exhibitor will be listed in our Expo program that is given to each attendee.

The Expo Program Includes:

  • Booth Number
  • Exhibitor or Business Name
  • Phone or email
  • Website
  • Brief description of Service/Products (200 spaces)

Presentation Opportunities

We have 2 large rooms that will be set with theater style seating. Room 1 holds 160 seated Souls and Room 2 has 100 seating capacity.

Room 2, with 100 seats is reserved for 30 minute presentations, with the cost of $50/75 to the presenter. These 30 minute opportunities will be free to the public.

Room 1, with 160 seating is reserved for 60 minute presentations. The cost to use this room is $90/115. These presentations may include a charge to the public.  Ticket prices to be discussed with ATWE. The ticket profits will be shared between the presenter and ATWE with a 60/40 arrangement. 60% of ticket sales go to the presenter, and 40% to ATWE.

If you wish to reserve Room 1 without purchasing a booth, the cost is $200 per hour.

Each lecture room will have equipment for Speaking and PowerPoint presentations, however, you must bring your own laptop.

Promotions for Presenters include listings on:

  • ATWE Website
  • Social Media Event and posts
  • Promo video (time sensitive)
  • Mailers for expo presentations/classes (Mail Chimp)
  • Expo class & presentations pamphlet handed to each attendee.
  • Sign in front of room

Promotions for booth Exhibitors & Presenters

Social Media

We will use the information you provide to create posts on your behalf as an individual business and group posts to promote your field.

Keep in mind, the sooner you send us your information, the sooner (and longer) your promotional material will be on social media.

Individual posts have no limit of words or pictures. We will post each exhibitor’s information as many times as we are able!

Mailing List

We use Mail Chimp and our Website Blog to send updates and special mailings that highlight expo exhibitors, presenters and offerings.

High Attendance Expected!

Due to our excellent location and our ongoing promotional efforts and plans, we expect well over 1,000 attendees.

Promotions Include:

  • Social Media
  • Newspaper – printed & digital
  • Magazines – printed & digital
  • Posters & Flyers
  • Video
  • Possibly radio & billboard


If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor and/or presenter in our 2019 Expo, you must choose if you wish to do so as a Member or a Non-Member. Applications to booth are included on the Member or a Non-Member page.