Exhibitors 2019

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We have 90+ exhibitors of services and products for every aspect of Wellness in ones life! This includes holistic health, spiritual, emotional, mental, environmental and animal well being.


Booth 4 & 5

Lisa Nomikos, Lisa Gniady and Sonia Illescas have joined together with the common mission of spreading light to the world.

Lisa NomikosLisa Nomikos of Gathering Visions

See who you are in colors & shapes, paint & glitter with Intuitive Artist, Lisa Nomikos’ Aura Portraits. These abstract, reiki meditation paintings connect you to your higher self. Offerings: Aura Portraits, photo & canvas prints, gifts created by Intuitives Lisa Nomikos and channel writer Lisa Gniady (Soul Reflection Inspirational Oracle” cards • “Clarity of Life” card decks • “Believe-In” Affirmation cards)  Website: https://www.gatheringvisions.com/, / Email: GatheringVisions@gmail.com

Lisa Gniady

Lisa Gniady of Gong 4 LifeCertified Intuitive Life Coach, Prime My Body Vendor, will be offering Soul Reflection Intuitive Readings, Light Code Activations, Angelic Clearings, and nano-enhanced Prime My Body Hemp Oil Products to support you on your spiritual journey. Hemp oil has been used for a wide range of health benefits for the mind and body, dating back more than 3,000 years. Other offerings include Team Lisa products.

Website: www.YogaGong4Life.com / Email: YogaGong4Life@gmail.com



Sonia IllescasSonia Illescas of I AM Life Coaching, LLC

Sonia Illescas is a proud mom, third  generation intuitive channel, healer and medium, offering Angelic Reiki Healing’s and Intuitive Readings and Energy Clearings. She is certified in energy clearings, life coaching, and meditation classes. Her services include: Akashic Records, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regressions, Shamanic Journeys, Cord Cutting. Products available at booth include: Palo Santo, Aura Sprays, Earth Angel Oracle Cards & Meditation Kit

Email address: iamlifecoaching1111@gmail.com, Website: www.iamlifecoaching.com

Email: iamlifecoaching1111@gmail.com

Booth 6

Conscious Community Magazine is dedicated to elevating consciousness. Our mission is to unify and awaken the masses to their full potential through uplifting, timely, and inspiring communications.
Email: https://consciouscommunitymagazine.com/

Booth 7 & 8

hippocrateshealthinstituteHippocrates Health Institute was created to provide people with education about disease prevention, and the positive effects of a living foods diet all experienced within an emersion style retreat. It is a birthright to live a healthy, happy life. Modern lifestyle choices have prevented many from achieving this goal. Hippocrates Health Institute strives to change this.


Booth 9

food shed logoFood Shed Coop

We are a group of regular folks working hard to open a community-owned grocery store in McHenry County, IL. Food Shed’s mission is to build local food cooperative promoting a healthy, ethical and resilient community. They promote and foster better food choices, cultivate and strengthen our local economy, inspire and empower community, and champion environmentally responsible practices.

www.foodshed.coop, Email: info@foodshed.coop


Booth 1

color_logo_transparent@2xAll Things Wellness Events & Expo – Providing opportunities to gather, teach and share experiences toward alternatives and options for conscious living, healing and unity.

Website: AllThingsWellnessExpo.com, Email: allthingswellnessexpo@outlook.com

Animal Center

Booth 29

linda-epsteinLinda Epstein of Energetic Therapies, People, Animals and Environment. Linda offers energetic healing modalities for the mind, body, and spirit.  Illness results from the lowering of the body’s frequencies below what is needed for a healthy and vibrant body.

*Linda is offering BioAge Algae products, Animal EO Essential Oils and Cardio for Life products. Also 15 minute consults – FREE! 

Website: http://www.LindaEpsteinET.com, Email: dodoe@mac.com

Booth 30


Cathy Schadel of Sophia’s Natural Way LLC

Offering SOURCE CBD hemp products, Raw Dog Food Consultations and Animal Reiki.

630-701-0507, Email: sophiasnaturalway@gmail.com

Booth 32

On Angels WingsOn Angels Wings, Inc is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to rescue, provide veterinary care and find forever homes for abused, abandoned and neglected pets.  We also believe in humane education and helping families keep their pets.

We operate a thrift store to help fund our animal welfare programs.  Please consider shopping and/or donating gently used women’s clothing and home decor to the store.


Pets will be present! 

Health Services & Sessions

Booth 17

Cathy Lockwood - Crystal Bed - CopyCathy Lockwood of Crystal Wisdom utilizes the John of God Crystal Light Bed for its profound energy healing. These special crystals are directed at your body’s energy centers (Chakras) for healing, balancing and alignment. Personal intentions can be set, i.e., physical, spiritual, emotional, career, relationship during your session. A selection of John of God and Entity blessed products are also available.

Website: CrystalWisdomLLC.com Email: crystalwisdomllc@yahoo.com, 630-297-9692

Booth 19

Northwest Healing CenterNorthwest Healing Center believes in health discovery versus disease detection. Instead of waiting for symptoms, thermography and biofeedback are discovery tools for preventive wellness. Services include the AOScan – a cutting edge, non-invasive bio-resonance device, and Laser Lipo.


Booth 20

biomat 2Barbara Arbuthot of Color My World

Barbara will have BioMat sessions available as well as sales of the BioMat. The BioMat’s unique medical and therapeutic properties are based on Nobel prize-winning research into ionic channels and the same infrared technology that NASA identified as the safest and most beneficial type of light wave.  By producing deep-penetrating, far infrared rays along with negative ions that activate the body at the molecular level, the BioMat is capable of administering deep soothing experience.

Booth 21

Pam Bown of BEMER Group

BEMER improves healthy microcirculation, through the targeted stimulation of vasomotion, is the primary goal of BEMER physical vascular therapy.*

BEMER devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field – abbreviated as PEMF – to deliver a patented therapeutic signal. The BEMER signal helps improve the impaired pumping movements of small and very small vessels to promote the needs-based distribution of blood.*

pamelabown@gmail.com  Website: pambown.bemergroup.com, Blog: pmbhealth.wordpress.com

Pam will be offering 15-minute sessions for $10.00 during the Expo!

Karen Healer of BEMER Group – karen.healer56@startmail.com, KARENHEALER.BEMERGROUP.COM

Booth 22

ninetta's pictureNinetta Keenan, AOBTA CP, LMT of Inner Essence Shiatsu

Classical Asian Medicine practitioner, specializing in Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure), Cupping, Gua Sha (press-stroking on lubricated areas of the body), Moxibustion (herbal heat therapy). These different modalities share a common ground: improving circulation thereby assisting the body’s innate healing processes. Benefits conditions such as anxiety/depression, digestive concerns, insomnia, auto-immune, infertility, muscle/joint issues, headaches/migraines and more.

847-877-4230, NinettaZen@outlook.com,  www.InnerEssenceShiatsu.com

Booth 22

Diane Joy

Diane Joy of Healing with joy is a Reconnective Healer.


Booth 23

an image of Red Light, Blue Light, Near-Infrared Light TherapyYvonne Hedeker of Light Health Research 

Based on 30 years or research by NASA, NIH and others, the DreamSpa Light System is a professional grade unit offering 5 proprietary programs, 7 types of light therapy and our innovative Brainwave Entrancement®

​A natural, safe and drug-free solution to the effects of stress, overwork, lack of sleep and jet lag.

Email: http://lighthealthresearch.com, www.LightHealthReserach.com & www.dreamspastore.com

Booth 24

bioelectra250Arthur Cronkhite of BioElectra

BioElectra is a Wellness Technology Provider, offers frequency-based products and services for holistic pain relief and wellness management. They offer state of the art, world renowned PEMF technologies that provide immediate relief of virtually any pain type, which in combination with frequency-infused jewelry, to help maintain long-lasting results. BioElectra’s wellness services and products assist in attaining holistic wellness goals, resolving health issues and provide long-term wellness support.

Available: $20 PEMF Sessions, lasting approximately 20 min. Also Frequency Jewelry!

Email address: bwell@bioelectra.org   Website: www.bioelectra.org

Booth 37

Kelly Achenbach

Kelly Achenbach of Pawsitive Healing offers you Quantum Biofeedback and ASEA for animals and their human companions!

The SCIO tells us about the energetic state of one’s body and the direction in which the body is focusing its energy. ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules help to protect, rejuvenate and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.

kel.achenbach@gmail.com, 847.702.7223, http://www.pawsitivehealing.com https://kellyachenbach.myasealive.com

Offering 50% off scheduled Biofeedback Sessions ($50 savings

Booth 42

mark-hernandez1.jpgMark Hernandez of People and Pets Energetics

Mark is a Holistic Practitioner that helps people and animals that have “hit the wall” with health and well-being issues. He uses non-invasive energy-medicine modalities and tools to help his clients experience change in a gentle and safe fashion.  He is a certified in The Emotion Code, The Body Code and Advanced ASHWork.

Day by day people are choosing to assume a greater role in their own health and well-being. Marks work helps people experience more health, happiness, and joy in their everyday lives.

Website: http://www.PeopleAndPetsEnergetics.com Email:PeopleAndPetsEnergetics@gmail.com

Mark will offer onsite Body Code and Emotion Code sessions for people and pets. If you would like Mark to work on your pet, please bring a photo

Booth 42a

LOGO_RASHA_COPYAnna Wilewska of The Rasha

Rasha, a Scalar Crystalline Plasma Technology provides multidimensional healing on a quantum level. Rasha harmonizes the autonomic nervous system, supports relaxation, cellular detoxification, healing from electrosmog and geopathic stress. Rasha stimulates the repatterning of the morphogenetic field around the cells, organs and systems of the body. Rasha integrates technologies of Dr. Royal Rife, Antoine Priore and Nikola Tesla.

Email address: wilewska@protonmail.com, Website: http://www.therasha.com

10 minute sessions for $10 at the Expo!

Booth 90a

1 1 1 1 aKYCMaster lin KYC20181013_083321 - CopyEmmett Sylvester is a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group Leader & resident of this Planet for 79 years with ( Perfect Health & Know Thyself) with Qigong! Emmett will be providing Qi~ssage, which is Qigong Energy Healing & Stress Release similar to Acupuncture without the needles! Using Your Energy, Generational Energy, Whoever you Pray too, Universal Energy & My Energy to Feel Good Naturally!

Email:  emmettsylvester@gmail.com

Mental, Emotional and  Spirit Consults

Booth 34

carolyn-greenleafCarolyn Greenleaf of Greenleaf Healing

Carolyn is a Transformational Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Teacher, Speaker & Author. She helps individuals achieve deeper understanding and connection with their authentic or soul self. She helps individuals move forward in their lives, realize new insights, and access a state of wellness, peace, joy and wholeness. Carolyn is also an energetic healer and utilizes shamanic journey work for her clients.

*Carolyn will have copies of her book “Re-Entering Eden; Reclaiming our Wholeness and Divine Truth,” plus companion CD’s, Affirmational Charms and Special offers for Sessions. Also, 15 minute FREE Consults available! 

Website: http://www.GreenleafHealing.com, Email: caroyn@greenleafhealing.com

Booth 39

IMG_8613_croppedChristine Moses of Featherheart Holistic Paths

Christine Moses is a Holistic Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, and Ceremonialist providing counseling and guidance. As a student of cross-cultural traditions, she bridges traditional psychology and intuitive tools with Native American spirituality and healing practices. She specializes in facilitating women’s circles and retreats, as well as training other women to lead circles, through her book The Wisdom of Circles: Gathering Women for Conscious Community.

Website: www.chrisfeatherheart.com  Email: christinemoses11@gmail.com

Booth 43b

404245_297966346984512_1276284587_nThrive Counseling Program provides holistic mental health services

Email: cperfetti@eppagroup.com, 224-678-9180

Website: thrivewithpeace.org,

Booth 46

pictureConnie Holmes, CLC, CHt of BU2BFULL is a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, focusing on teaching you how to love yourself, be empowered, and live a life of confidence. When deeper personal blocks reveal themselves, hypnotherapy is utilized to work at the subconscious level to end bad habits and instill positive habits. Host of Empowerment Workshops and creator of Guided Journals and “66-Days to a New You” guidebook.

Email: cholmes@bu2bfull.com, Website: http://www.bu2bfull.com

Booth 50a

jenna-allin_0594_cropped-1.jpgMindful Healing with Jenna Allin

Mindfulness for business or personal peace, compassion, clarity and collaboration. Improve focus, deep spiritual centeredness and learn to meditate the easy way using mindfulness. Business professionals, athletes, moms… become more productive and increase energy levels & output without more work. Restore the mind and energize your life. Manifest balance, peace and success.

Email: Jenna@ManifestYourLifeNow.com, https://www.facebook.com/GenuinelyJenna/

Lifestyle Management – Nutrition & Services

Booth 28

Dr. A Photo Cropped

Dr. Steve Andreano of Andreano Chiropractic

Dr. Andreano offers  a unique and intuitive approach to healthcare, with the gift of diagnosis and healing that has changed many lives. Proficient at getting to the root cause of a patient’s concern, he allows the whole body to heal itself with long-term health solutions, not just symptom relief. Dr. A gives HOPE to many who have tried traditional medical doctors for a wide array of ailments, and is a caring and compassionate healer.

*Dr. A is offering complimentary holistic health screenings and therapeutic massage, as well as food and environmental sensitivity testing with immediate results. Bring him any health concern for a quick discovery of what ails you!

Website: http://www.AndreanoChiropractic.com  Phone: 847.713.2500

Booth 40

Well-Rooted PediatricsWell-Rooted Pediatrics’ mission is to utilize nature’s medicine and focus on alternative measures when possible. We firmly believe that there is a time a place for antibiotics and a higher level of care, but we will use all the information gained from the child and parent to make the best assessment and treatment plan for each individual child.

http://wellrootedpediatrics.com/,  Email: office@wellrootedpediatrices.com, 815-322-9300

Booth 35

amanda-bio-pic-3-25-18-400x563Amanda Thiry of Midwest Allergy Relief Center

Midwest Allergy Relief offers a holistic approach to Allergies and sensitivities to over 300,000 substances including environmental allergens, pet allergies, food sensitivities, personal care items, motion sickness, humidity etc. Our therapy is safe for all ages and non-invasive. We will be offering treatment for motion sickness, humidity, or barometric pressure.

*Booth offer $20 for 10-15 minute treatments for humidity, motion sickness, and barometric pressure. 

http://midwestallergyrelief.com/, mwallergyrelief@gmail.com , 847-392-7901

Booth #36

Essential Nutrition Logo

Laura Smith of Essential Nutrition & Wellness is dedicated to people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  We focus on health from the outside in and inside out.  Our services include targeting inflammation, weight loss, bio-energetic feedback analysis, supplements, anti-aging, and chronic illness.  Our state-of-the-art alternative wellness and healing support modalities include Bemer, CBD Oil, Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Qualification, Zyto, Neora and Shape Reclaimed.

Located in Barrington, IL, 847-904-0327,   www.MyEssentialNutrition.com

Booth 38

Dr. Wanda RossenDr. Wanda Rossan, DN of Naprapathy Works

Dr. Rossan received her Doctorate in Naprapathic medicine from the National College of Naprapathic Medicine. She is a Board Certified Naprapath, licensed by the State of Illinois and a member of the American Naprapathic Association. Dr. Rossan focuses on personalized, restorative healthcare that is individually tailored to achieve and maintain optimal well-being. Addressed is the root cause to administer the right blend of treatments.

Website: www.naprapathyworks.com/, Email: wrossan@naprapathyworks.com

Booth 38

Debbie MaloneDebbie Malone of  Essential Wellness

Debbie is a local practitioner with over 25 years of experience in nutrition and herbalism.

Services Offered: Individual health, nutrition and herbal consultations and workshops in nutrition and herbalism. Debbie has a MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Certified Medical Herbalist, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Functional Nutritionist, Professional Cancer Coach.

Expo Special: $50.00 off 3-month program and $100.00 off 6-month program to be             scheduled by April 30th. Value for 3-month program = $570.00 / Value for 6-month program = $990.00  Booth offering: 15-minute sessions for $10.00

Email: nutritiondiva1@gmail.com

Booth 44

Tami023bTami Gilbert of Spectrum Health is an Health Coach, Life Coach, RN, Presenter/Speaker, Podcast Host, and Author of Career CPR: Meaningful Strategies to Resuscitate or Nurture Your Career and Courage to Persevere: A Compelling Story Of Struggle, Survival, and Triumph. She is a member of Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders (IONL), American Case Management Association (ACMA), National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP), Illinois Surgical Quality Improvement Collaborative (ISQIC), Break of Dawn International Inc, Authentically Powerful Women, Chicagoland Medical Group Management Association.

*Offering Books, 90 day Total Health Transformation Program Discounts, and Health & Wellness Consultations 30 minutes for $25

http://www.tamigilbert.com,  https://tamigilbert.com/blog/, 847-943-9014

Booth 45

John HimelyDr. John Himley of Elevate Health IL, combines brain-centered chiropractic care, nutrition and essential oils for complete wellness care for entire families. John earned a teaching degree in biology, chemistry, and physics, and taught  high school science until his health issues would lead him to chiropractic care and a new direction in life. In December of 1994,  he graduated from the National College of Chiropractic.  Since then he has attended many postgraduate workshops in the fields of spinal biomechanics, pediatrics, neurology, nutrition, food allergy/sensitivity and whiplash. 

Website: Elevate Health IL and Facebook: Elevate Health IL , 815-356-7697

Booth 48

PWC_Logo-PWC-Tagline-1PWC Chiropractic

As McHenry County’s leading pediatric and family health experts we are committed to maximizing all aspects of your health through first class, neurologically based chiropractic care. Specializing in pediatrics, pregnancy, and family wellness, with an emphasis on ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, and neuro-developmental disorders, we’re committed to providing what your family needs to get well and stay well.


Booth 51

HemaVeda – Ayurvedic Healing for a Healthier and Happy Life

HemaVeda is an Ayurvedic practice in Crystal lake IL. Ayurveda is a science of life. With 15 years of experience in Ayurveda, Swati


(B.A.M.S) will guide you through the Ayurveda Lifestyle, Diet and Nutrition and help you achieve your health goals with a private Ayurvedic consultation and Panchakarma and Handcrafted Ayurvedic oils and herbs.

Instagram Logo Ayurvedamylife   Facebook Logo HemaVeda- An Ayurvedic Healing Journey

Website – www.hemaveda.com

Booth 54

Barbara Chandler - UForiaÜFORIA SCIENCE

Barbara Chandler has spent the past 20 years continually searching for the best in nutrition.

ÜFORIA™ is the one and only company to offer personalized designer ÜTRITION™created specifically for YOU based upon your DNA profile. Our DNA Test unlocks the secrets to your “Actionable Genes” and their influences on your body. Taking the guess work out of buying vitamins.

https://www.livethedash.feeluforia.com, livethedash@comcast.net

Booth 55

Michael LimMichael Lim MPP, ITPT, MPsy, CPT of ADVANCED PAIN  REHAB INC.

Pain relief expert treating concussion, injuries, pain and scars using Microcurrent Point stimulation  therapy (NeedleLess Acupuncture)  Our treatments are all natural, focusing on regulating and rebalancing the autonomic nervous system and increasing endorphin levels to naturally combat pain and other complications.

Booth #57

20181220_174330.jpgDr. Kevin Regan

Dr.Kevin Regan is a 30 practitioner of Chiropractic, Acupuncture and nutritional therapy Dr Regan has been utilizing Magnetic Resonance Therapy for 4 years and combines it with all of his care resulting in spectacular outcomes. Dr Regan teaches bi annually with The Council Of Chiropractic Acupuncture. Susan Coro, our in -house massage therapist, a 25 year practitioner whom specializes in deep tissue and fascial release techniques. A variety of CBD products also available!


Booth 60

Monique McDonell Pic 2018Monique & Jim McDonell of Essential Ayurveda

Monique: NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Uniting Western Lifestyles with Ayurvedic Wisdom. Jim: Meditate With Jim

Monique will chat about Shirodhara & Marma Ayurvedic body treatments for destressing and you’ll discover natural products based on ancient Ayurvedic recipes. Lip balms, Deodorants, Body oils & Hair oils, Balms for your muscles, joints & skin, Facial Masks, Chakra Scents, Scent Misters. Be sure to pick up your 15% Coupon Card!

*Offerings include: complimentary or mini sessions, specials, samples, etc

Website: www:EssentialAyurveda.com, Monique@EssentialAyurveda.com

Booth 67

Julie HubbardJulie Hubbard of Focused Healthy Living – Julie is a doTERRA Diamond Club Graduate, and essential oils educator. Julie supplies a wide selection of essential oils and the accessories to go along with them. Books, educational materiel, glass bottles, roller ball bottles. Julie is also a business   leader and provides business mindset and life coach.

Email:Julie@JulieAnnhubbard.com   Facebook Page

Website: www.JulieAnnHubbard.com

Booth #62

voxxTerrie Winkates of VOXX Life

Wearable neuro technology socks, insoles and patches offer scientific proven results; increase balance, stability and physical performance. Decreases pain due to conditions like neuropathy and plantar fasciitis and much more. VOXX Life provides a wide variety of wellness products and services for those who are actively seeking solutions to health issues or want to continue to maintain a healthy life style.

marfaith2@yahoo.com,   847-363-2595.  https://voxxlife.com/

Booth #94

Natural Serenity2Nina Newcombe of Natural Serenity

Family owned and operated, Natural Serenity provides a calm and relaxed environment that encourages a feeling of peace and positivity using natural methods.  Our services offered are Halotherapy (Salt Room), Ionic Foot Detox, Aromatouch and Yoga.  We also carry an array of all-natural products including body butter, lotion, scrubs, soaps, etc. as well as Salt lamps and CBD products.

Email: naturalserenitywellness@gmail.com, www.naturalserenitrywellness.com

112 Barrington Commons Ct, Barrington, IL 60010, 847-387-4333

Movement Therapy

Booth 50

truFitnessMary Boyer of TruFitness is committed to improving people’s quality of life – not just for a moment, but for a lifetime. Our charge is to create an empowering, educational, and supportive environment for you to take control of your overall health and fitness. Our team is here to educate, inspire, motivate, and encourage your trupotential.

815-217-9687   https://www.trufitnesstribe.com/

Booth 92

Lisa Rude 12-2018

Lisa Rude, MA, is a Black Belt Nia Teacher.  As a practicing speech and language pathologist, Lisa’s understanding of therapeutic teaching provides the foundation for a uniquely crafted Nia experience-offering incremental teaching, intensity level choices, and movement guidance that engages and empowers personalized creative expression for everybody.

Email: lisalrude@att.net, Website: lisarude.com


Booth 49

patty-aug-2018-e1553099675295.jpegPatty Aument of Purium Health Products

Purium foods give you high energy & health; so that the body heals and builds itself. Organic line for weight loss, athletic performance, daily nutrition, kids, energy, discomfort, stress, sleep, juice, raw green drinks, CBD, detox/remove glyphosate and heal the micro biome (gut), etc.

Email: purepatty@comcast.net  Phone: 847-508-4080

Facebook: @purepatty (Super Food Transformation Group),  www.purepatty.info & www.puriumcbd.com

*Offering $50 off any $75+ purchase (or 25%) with gift code: PUREPATTY

Booth 52

freshmarketlogo1540_0Fresh Market

Fresh Market focuses on the value of supporting local growers and charities, while offering the freshest and most delicious foods possible. The Fresh Market is proud to provide their guests with a warm and inviting shopping experience in every community we serve. Delivering a fresh take on grocery shopping for more than 35 years.


Booth 53

logo_neolifeCynthia Germata, NeoLife Promoter

NeoLife offers a 60 year history of superior quality whole food nutrition. Products that are science-based and clinically proven. Full Traceability: From Farm to Table. Products that work.

They will be offering free tasting of products. They will have a drawing for a 3-Day Detox Kit. Give them your hand for a free sampling of their Nutriance Organic Skin Care.

shopneolife.com/cynthiagermata , cgermata@sbcglobal.net

Booth 59


OILLY Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is organically grown in the USA, is non-GMO, THC-free, and full-spectrum. No fillers or flavors – just pure & simple ingredients that work.

Oilly uses the most advanced nano technology to ensure an industry-leading absorption rate and bio-availability.

Oilly uses a water-soluble nano-emulsion technology. This technology transforms active compounds into nano-sized emulsions. Their hemp oil droplets are between 4 to 200 times smaller than the industry standard, causing them to be more easily absorbed into the blood. Products are organically grown and manufactured in the USA, without any pesticides, harsh chemicals or metals. Oilly CBD oil is not only gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic, but are also farm bill compliant. Good for you. Good for our planet. 


Booth 59a

VasayoVasayo by Alix Levine 

Featuring nutritional supplements with Advanced Delivery Technology. Vasayo delivers results using our Advanced Delivery Technology, which utilizes the power of liposomes and enzymes for increased bioavailability. Our liposomes are double-layered bubbles or spheres that surround nutrients, helping them to pass through the harsh environment of the digestive system intact for better absorption and use by the body.*


Website: www.alixlevine.vasayo.com

Booth 64

Healing Bottoms

Berlinda Ford of Healing Bottoms

Treatment options for bleeding anal fissures, colon polps, hemorrhoids, ulcers, colitis, crohn’s, IBS, diabetes, pain relief treatments by Healing Bottoms Homeopathic Pharmacy. Quality “Grade-A” Ingredients which are Anti-Viral Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal and ALL NATURAL

For The Last Decade, Healing Bottoms Homeopathic Pharmacy Has Provided Maximum Bioavailibility Treatmemt To Help You Avoid Medications, Painful Surgeries, Drug Dependency & Relapse. Available Products: Turmeric supplements, turmeric tea, Turmeric Suppositories, coconut wipes

healingbottoms@yahoo.com, http://www.HealingBottoms.com

Booth 74

Shaklee LogoLee Frisch of About Better Living

Since 1956 Shaklee has helped millions of people live healthier, younger and more fulfilled lives. That’s why we don’t just create supplements, we supplement life. From our scientifically proven nutrition and beauty products, to our environmental ethic, we have been creating innovative solutions to enhance your life for over 60 years. And we can prove it.

Email: lee@aboutbetterliving.com

Website: http://www.aboutbetterliving.com

Body  & Skin Care

Booth 49

Melissa Armstrong - Cleanse in Truth SkincareMelissa Armstrong, LE with Cleanse In Truth Skincare

Intuitive Skin Renewal Coaching and Education from a Reiki Master Esthetician, Energy Healing, Custom Organic High Performance Skincare, Meditation-Reiki Facials, Chakra Stone Healing Facials, Mindfulness Sessions, Heart-Opening Energy Sessions, White Jade Stone Firming Facials

Offerings include: Complimentary: Intuitive Energy Reading, Skincare Product Consultations, Mini collagen renewal samples for leaving your contact info with me, and on-the-spot booking promos

708-369-8224, Email: info@cleanseintruth.com Website: http://www.cleanseintruth.com

Booth 58

Marlas Organics

Marla’s Organics 

All natural aromatherapy body care inspired by nature and made with the highest quality organic oils, butters, essential oils, and botanicals. Our products are vegan and free from gluten, palm oil, and synthetic ingredients and packaged in eco-friendly recycled material. Offering aromatherapy soap, lip balm, bath soaks, herbal healing salves, aromatherapy sprays, and natural skin care accessories. Free samples too!

Website: http://www.marlasorganics.com

Booth 61

BRI -Julie Talford, Executive Manager of L’BRI PURE ‘n NATRUAL

At L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL, our goal is to provide quality, aloe-based skin care at affordable prices, while sharing the joy of positive, healthy living. The first ingredient in most products is Aloe Barbadensis.  It also works well for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis.

*We will be offering hand treatments as well as free body butter with purchase. Try before you buy!

Email: cabintalford2002@yahoo.com,  http://www.lbri.com./jtalford

Booth 63

NefertemDirectory listing - Nefertem

Aromatherapy + Good Vibes = Nefertem Holistic Skincare. Elevate your routine naturally with ingredients grown or raised as nature intended – organically. Infused with herbs, pure essential oils, and positive intention to restore your spirit and cleanse your mind. Offering: handcrafted soap, tallow body butter, aromatherapy sprays, essential oils, herbal teas and balms. Also offering classes on the art of aromatherapy blending. Phone: 970-305-2419, Website: https://www.nefertemnaturals.com

SocialMedia:  www.facebook.com/nefertemnaturals,


Booth 65

YASOU_SkinCareLine_800x534Theodora Ntovas of YASOU is a luxe wellness skin care line that is greek-inspired, natural, contains certified organics, plant-derived, vegan, gluten-free, unisex, leaping bunny certified, and made in the usa/Chicago. YASOU carries hydrating body cream with essential oils and aroma free, vegan hand cream with essential oils and aroma free, vegan cellular day cream, vegan cell renewal night cream, vegan hand cream with essential oils and aroma free and two natural hand-crafted body soaps

Offered at Expo: sampling and mini hand massages with the vegan hand cream

Email: terry@yasouskincare.com, http://www.yasouskincare.com/


Booth 41

frames_deck_atwe-2019_smFrames: A Card Deck For Insight

Frames is 54-card deck for mindfulness and creative problem-solving. A frame is a 4-card layout that uses your inner data to answer questions important to you. Frames is illustrated with modern ideas without reference to gender, class, and ability. Use for meditation, couples work, team work issues, or art therapy. The Frames booth will offer walk-up demonstrations and example layouts.

https://insight-frames.com, feedback@insight-frames.com

Services offered at Expo: Frames deck and book, live demonstrations and consultations.

Booth 43a

Sandy TurkingtonSandy Turkington, Medium and Angel Worker

Beautifully awakened by the loving grace of the divine, I have been given the gifts of mediumship, healing, and connecting to the spirit realm since birth. I hear, see, feel, and know spirit/angels. Living a spiritual life, I look at everyone with the divine and loving essence in which they came from. I connect and teach with loved ones, angels, guides and energy in a loving and safe environment. We are limitless beings having a human experience with many lessons to learn and I am here to assist. I have been doing this work for over 37 years.

847-772-9198 Email address: sandyturk236@gmail.com

Website: http://www.sandyturkington.com

Booth #88

bonnie-potter.jpgBonnie Potter of Harmony of Spirit

Bonnie’s mission is to communicate intuitive messages of knowledge, insight and wisdom to inspire optimism and happiness to those seeking to make positive changes in their lives. Through the use of the Tarot, Angel Cards, Akashic Records and/or Intuitive Animal Communication, she receives information to assist those seeking guidance along the path to greater self-discovery and happiness

https://harmonyofspirit.com, (630) 340-9539 Bonnie@harmonyofspirit.com

Booth 89

Sarah T

Sarah T – Intuitive Oracle and Angel card readings.

Heart & Home

Booth 70

Brian RassiBrian Rassi of Enstigate Entrepreneurs – Where focus is about solving the two biggest issues when becoming an entrepreneur. First, proper coaching to become a successful CEO. Second, we provide access to capital in order to fulfill your mission and vision. Enstigate offers Entrepreneur Coaching Service and The Enstigate Funding Solution.

Website: www.enstigate.com, Email: brian@enstigate.com

Booth 75


Elite Remodeling Group is one of Chicagoland’s premier home remodeling companies. ERG helps homeowners design their project and turn their home into their dream home. They believe homeowners should put more emphasis on keeping their home energy efficient, and being able to live comfortably in their home. ERG also donates all reusable products to Habitat for HumanityHabitat for HumanityRestore in McHenry. So far, they have contributed to 28 newly built properties with reusable home finishing’s! Whatever is it you’re dreaming, Elite is building!

www.Eliteremodelinggroup.com, (847) 705-9600

Booth 76

angel-logo-no-marginsAt Angel Water, Inc in Barrington, IL, our mission is to teach you what’s in your water and how to achieve the cleanest, safest, best-tasting water possible.

You can’t treat water effectively without knowing what’s in it. That’s why we test your water and do our best to educate you about the issues specific to your area and your home. Municipal water sourced from Lake Michigan is different from well water sourced from an aquifer, and your water treatment solution should reflect that. Angel Water provides a variety of Water Purifying Systems for your home.

847-382-7800  https://angelwater.com/

Booth 95

Image result for tower garden from juice plusCindy Daurio of FARM to Capsule 

Juice Plus+ starts with farm fresh produce that, whenever possible, is carefully grown by midsize family farmers for the best quality nutrition. To avoid shipping the fruits and vegetables long distances, which would compromise their nutritional value, The Juice Plus+ Company locates juicing and drying facilities as close to its farmers as possible.

Tower Garden 24/7/365 virtual year round Garden 

Email: cdaurio@hotmail.com

Websites:   www.cdaurio.juiceplus.com &  www.cdaurio.towergarden.com

Community & Environmental Services

Booth 68

Mentoring GardensMentoring Gardens – Together we can make more good happen!  Your purchase helps support Mentoring Gardens Market an educational, mentoring, fund-raising project  of The ARK and The Educare Foundation, Inc. a 501c3 non profit, encouraging hearts  to grow and to care through media, music and educational missions!

(815)258-6821  https://www.mentoringgardens.com/

Our Original Gourmet Granola Bites are more than just a healthy snack! With every bite, you’re helping a job, a dream, a possibility!

Booth 73

SustainabilityCenterLogoMCC Sustainability Center

The MCC Sustainability Center is focused on three interconnected areas, which creates a holistic approach to sustainability: Green Campus including physical campus and campus operations, Green Education that includes curriculum development for a green economy and training for employees and students about sustainable practices, Green Community including how MCC shares with the community resources that improve quality of life. http://www.mchenry.edu/green/about.asp, (815) 479-7765

Booth 73

EnvironmentalDefendersMcHenryCountyEnvironmental Defenders of McHenry County

In order to protect all living things, the Environmental Defenders is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the natural environment in McHenry County. As a citizen organization, we are committed to building sound ecological relationships between people and the natural world that supports all life.


Creative Center

Booth 82

46507869_567118220414921_1274564255558926336_n Carter-Uribe & Christina Miniear of The Aligned Brand

The Aligned Brand was born to inspire aligned action and to be a reminder of the bliss, freedom, and empowerment that comes from living life in alignment.

All items are: 100% sweatshop free & ethically made WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) Shipped in 100% recycled & 100% recyclable poly mailers. Hand printed in Chicago, IL

Email: thealignedsisterhood@gmail.comWebsite: www.TheAlignedBrand.com

Jewelry & Crystals

Booth 79

rita-chevli-1-copyRita Chevli of Shuban Designs is a local Chicago artist who began her career in arts by earning a degree in Fine Arts in India. Her time spent living in Japan, China and America has influenced her jewelry design today. She started working in silver in 2004, but since then has branched out by incorporating different metals in her jewelry. Rita sketches everywhere. The ideas that come to fruition are born at Rita’s design studio where she transforms each piece from idea to reality.  www.shubandesigns.org 

Booth 81

LLeigh Spoehr 2eigh Spoehr of Leighbeads Jewelry gathers inspiration from ancient cultures around the world- taking this to new expressions for modern day living. Using gemstones, crystals, all types of beads and many different stones along with copper and silver to make wire wrap and sheet metal creations. You can view some of her beautiful creations at: Leighbeads jewelry.com

Booth 84

Garden GGarden Gypsy Collective presents to you a conscious collection of High Vibrational gemstones, handmade jewelry & small batch botanical blends, for the mind body and spirit. They offer many unique services like tarot/oracle readings, crystal healing and consultation, dance performance, meditation space, etc.

Garden Gypsy Collective has a strong passion and intention to be sustaining and maintaining conscious & co-creative processes through their outlet and sharing these offerings.


Booth 85 & 86

natures gallaria1Nature’s Galleria

Nature’s Galleria specializes in crystals, rocks and minerals, offering a full line of Shungite. Dr. Wynne Superson of Nature’s Galleria is a second generation lapidary. As a retired physician, Dr. Wynne brings science and unique creations from nature together.  Nature’s Galleria uses the beauty of nature’s gifts to create handmade elegant one of a kind pieces. Our team consists of several generations of family and close friends who are family too. We collect specimens and materials from all over the world, each piece hand selected. This allows us to offer and create among the most beautiful, rare, and unique products available.

Booth 91

evolved crystals & gemsEvolved Crystals & Gems

Christie Casmier of Evolved Crystals & Gems is a Spiritual Soul Coach, Reiki 1 & 2 and balancing practitioner. She brings all this together with her jewelry!

All natural things in the universe Aid in balance, health and cohesion. These stones are formed through thousands of years of evolution and they have a harmonious, balanced vibration. This means that when you wear a crystal it will gradually balance you.

Available at Expo: Jewelry, Balancing Bracelets to balance physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies, loose gemstones, and Dreamcatchers!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvolvedCrystalsandGems/