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We have 95 booths that will be filled with every aspect of Wellness in ones life! This includes holistic health, spiritual, emotional, mental, environmental and animal well being.

Lobby (1-9)

Booth 1

color_logo_transparent@2xAll Things Wellness Events & Expo – Providing opportunities to gather, teach and share experiences toward alternatives and options for conscious living, healing and unity.

Website: AllThingsWellnessExpo.com, Email: allthingswellnessexpo@outlook.com


Booth 4 & 5

LisanomikosLisa Nomikos of Gathering Visions





Lisa GniadyLisa Gniady of YogaGong 4 Life 






Sonia IllescasSonia Illescas of I AM Life Coaching, LLC


Email: iamlifecoaching1111@gmail.com

Website: www.iamlifecoaching.com


Booth 6

The Conscious Community Magazine is dedicated to elevating consciousness. Our mission is to unify and awaken the masses to their full potential through uplifting, timely, and inspiring communications.


Email: https://consciouscommunitymagazine.com/


Readers Room (10-16)


Energy Corner (17-28)

Booth 17

Cathy Lockwood - Crystal Bed - CopyCathy Lockwood of Crystal Wisdom utilizes the John of God Crystal Light Bed for its profound energy healing. These special crystals are directed at your body’s energy centers (Chakras) for healing, balancing and alignment. Personal intentions can be set, i.e., physical, spiritual, emotional, career, relationship during your session. A selection of John of God and Entity blessed products are also available.

Website: CrystalWisdomLLC.com Email: crystalwisdomllc@yahoo.com, 630-297-9692

Booth 18

Pam Bown of BEMER Group

Bio-Electric-Magnetic Energy Regulation that promotes wellness by increasing blood flow enhancing your body’s ability to heal itself. BEMER sessions available by appointment for systemic circulation, targeted application and red light therapy. If you would like sessions, or want a BEMER in your home, office or business, please contact Pam at pam.bown@bemermail.com , Website: pambown.bemergroup.com, Blog: pmbhealth.wordpress.com

Booth 22

ninetta's pictureNinetta Keenan, AOBTA CP, LMT of Inner Essence Shiatsu

Classical Asian Medicine practitioner, specializing in Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure), Cupping, Gua Sha (press-stroking on lubricated areas of the body), Moxibustion (herbal heat therapy). These different modalities share a common ground: improving circulation thereby assisting the body’s innate healing processes. Benefits conditions such as anxiety/depression, digestive concerns, insomnia, auto-immune, infertility, muscle/joint issues, headaches/migraines and more.

847-877-4230, NinettaZen@outlook.com ,  www.InnerEssenceShiatsu.com

Booth 23

an image of Red Light, Blue Light, Near-Infrared Light TherapyLight Health Research 

Based on 30 years or research by NASA, NIH and others, the DreamSpa Light System is a professional grade unit offering 5 proprietary programs, 7 types of light therapy and our innovative Brainwave Entrancement®

​A natural, safe and drug-free solution to the effects of stress, overwork, lack of sleep and jet lag.

Email: http://lighthealthresearch.com


Booth 24

bioelectra250Arthur Cronkhite of BioElectra

BioElectra is a Wellness Technology Provider, offers frequency-based products and services for holistic pain relief and wellness management. They offer state of the art, world renowned PEMF technologies that provide immediate relief of virtually any pain type, which in combination with frequency-infused jewelry, to help maintain long-lasting results. BioElectra’s wellness services and products assist in attaining holistic wellness goals, resolving health issues and provide long-term wellness support.

Email address: bwell@bioelectra.org   Website: www.bioelectra.org

Animal Center (29-33)

Booth 29

linda-epsteinLinda Epstein of Energetic Therapies, People, Animals and Environment. Linda offers energetic healing modalities for the mind, body, and spirit.  Illness results from the lowering of the body’s frequencies below what is needed for a healthy and vibrant body.

Website: http://www.LindaEpsteinET.com, Email: dodoe@mac.com

Mind Body Spirit Consults & Services (34-43)

Booth 34

carolyn-greenleafCarolyn Greenleaf of Greenleaf Healing is a Transformational Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Teacher, Speaker & Author

Carolyn helps individuals achieve deeper understanding and connection with their authentic or soul self. She also helps individuals move forward in their lives, realize new insights, discover their purpose and access a state of wellness, peace, joy and wholeness. Carolyn is also an energetic healer and utilizes shamanic journey work for her clients. Empowerment classes & lectures are also available.

Website: http://www.GreenleafHealing.com, Email: caroyn@greenleafhealing.com

Booth 39

IMG_8613_croppedChristine Moses of Featherheart Holistic Paths

Christine Moses is a Holistic Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, and Ceremonialist providing counseling and guidance. As a student of cross-cultural traditions, she bridges traditional psychology and intuitive tools with Native American spirituality and healing practices. She specializes in facilitating women’s circles and retreats, as well as training other women to lead circles, through her book The Wisdom of Circles: Gathering Women for Conscious Community.

Website: www.chrisfeatherheart.com  Email: christinemoses11@gmail.com


Lifestyle Lane (44-51)

Booth 46

pictureConnie Holmes, CLC, CHt of BU2BFULL is a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, focusing on teaching you how to love yourself, be empowered, and live a life of confidence. When deeper personal blocks reveal themselves, hypnotherapy is utilized to work at the subconscious level to end bad habits and instill positive habits. Host of Empowerment Workshops and creator of Guided Journals and “66-Days to a New You” guidebook.

Email: cholmes@bu2bfull.com, Website: http://www.bu2bfull.com

Booth 51

SwatiHemaVeda – Ayurvedic Healing for a Healthier and Happy Life

HemaVeda is an Ayurvedic practice in Crystal lake IL. Ayurveda is a science of life. With 15 years of experience in Ayurveda, Swati (B.A.M.S) will guide you through the Ayurveda Lifestyle, Diet and Nutrition and help you achieve your health goals with a private Ayurvedic consultation and Panchakarma and Handcrafted Ayurvedic oils and herbs.

Instagram Logo Ayurvedamylife   Facebook Logo HemaVeda- An Ayurvedic Healing Journey

Website – www.hemaveda.com


Nutrition Row (52-59)


Body Care Isle (60-67)


Booth 60

Essential Ayurveda Logo Aug-25-2016 High ResMonique & Jim McDonell of Essential Ayurveda

Monique: NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Uniting Western Lifestyles with Ayurvedic Wisdom. Jim: Meditate With Jim

Are you frustrated with diets and confused about what’s healthy and not healthy for you and your family? Then a Dosha Consultation is for you. Discover how you may be out of balance with your birth Dosha. Learn dietary and lifestyle recommendations to get back into balance and stay in balance. Jim will provide information and presentation about Meditation!

Website: www:EssentialAyurveda.com


Directory listing - NefertemNefertem

Aromatherapy + Good Vibes = Nefertem Holistic Skincare. Elevate your routine naturally with ingredients grown or raised as nature intended – organically. Infused with herbs, pure essential oils, and positive intention to restore your spirit and cleanse your mind. Offering: handcrafted soap, tallow body butter, aromatherapy sprays, essential oils, herbal teas and balms. Also offering classes on the art of aromatherapy blending. Phone: 970-305-2419, Website: https://www.nefertemnaturals.com

SocialMedia:  www.facebook.com/nefertemnaturals,



Booth 67

Julie HubbardJulie Hubbard of Focused Healthy Living – Julie is a doTERRA Diamond Club Graduate, and essential oils educator. Julie supplies a wide selection of essential oils and the accessories to go along with them. Books, educational materiel, glass bottles, roller ball bottles. Julie is also a business   leader and provides business mindset and life coach.

Email:Julie@JulieAnnhubbard.com   Facebook Page

Website: www.JulieAnnHubbard.com


Heart & Home (68-77)


Creative Center (78-95)

Booth 79

rita-chevli-1-copyRita Chevli of Shuban Designs






Booth 82

46507869_567118220414921_1274564255558926336_n Carter-Uribe & Christina Miniear of The Aligned Brand

Email: thealignedsisterhood@gmail.comWebsite: www.TheAlignedBrand.com


Booth 91

evolved crystals & gemsEvolved Crystals & Gems

All natural things in the universe Aid in balance, health and cohesion. These stones are formed through thousands of years of evolution and they have a harmonious, balanced vibration. This means that when you wear a crystal it will gradually balance you