Energetic Therapies for Animals

Energy Healing for animals
In addition to holistic veterinarians, there is a variety of energetic modalities that are beneficial to your animal’s health.  These therapies can provide natural pain relief, reduce inflammation, assists with recovery from physical injuries and surgeries, improves their immune system.  In addition, several of these modalities assist with the emotional and mental issues.
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Linda EpsteinLinda Epstein is a practitioner in the Metaphysical Healing Arts, offering energetic healing modalities for the mind, body, and spirit.  Illness results from the lowering of the body’s frequencies below what is needed for a healthy and vibrant body.  
Helping the body to release the stagnant energy that prevents the flow of Qi, and raising the subject’s frequencies in their chakras and auric fields, Linda can assist the person in their healing process.  
Linda employs a variety of energetic practices:  Reiki, TTouch, EFT, Animal Communication, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Samantha Sai Sanjeevini Healing Prayers, and Visualization in her animal healing practice.
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