Crystals are not only beautiful and natural formations found within caves, but they also have spirit. Crystals emit specific energies that can clear and enhance a space or person. Many people are attracted to various forms of crystals because they are drawn to the energy emitted from them. When we are deficient in an area of our life, there will be a crystal that can assist us in various ways. When we hold a crystal, it’s energy merges with our own, hence affecting how we feel, think or behave.

There is much to learn about crystals and many within the healing fields that can assist and inform you!



natures gallaria1Nature’s Galleria

Nature’s Galleria specializes in crystals, rocks and minerals, offering a full line of Shungite. Dr. Wynne Superson of Nature’s Galleria is a second generation lapidary.  Nature’s Galleria uses the beauty of nature’s gifts to create handmade elegant one of a kind pieces. Our team consists of several generations of family and close friends who are family too. We collect specimens and materials from all over the world, each piece hand selected. This allows us to offer and create among the most beautiful, rare, and unique products available.

Cathy Lockwood - Crystals - CopyCathy Lockwood of Crystal Wisdom utilizes the John of God Crystal Light Bed for its profound energy healing. These special crystals are directed at your body’s energy centers (Chakras) for healing, balancing and alignment. Personal intentions can be set during your session. A selection of John of God and Entity blessed crystals, triangles, pendulums, rosaries, pendants, necklaces and bracelets are also available.

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