Conscious Hair Salon’s


What we put on our bodies should be as much a concern as what we put in our bodies. As the public becomes more aware of the chemicals that are contained in the cosmetic and hairdressing industry, they are demanding safer alternatives. The hair and cosmetic industry have seen tremendous growth in organic products in the past few years and expects it to reach $22 billion dollars by 2024.

Consumers not only want products to be safe for their bodies, but they also want products that have little impact on the environment. They also want products that are certified as cruelty-free.

This Directory includes information and links to practitioners and businesses who try to offer products made with pure, biodynamic ingredients. Products that are made with organic plants, grown with responsible farming practices, while preserving the ecological balance of the land. Many ingredients are obtained thru Fair-Trade agreements.

By choosing products that are, “green,” we are limiting our exposure to toxic ingredients while increasing our positive impact on the environment. A win win for all.




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