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BioElectra is a Wellness Technology Provider, offering frequency-based products and services for holistic pain relief and wellness management. They offer state of the art, world renowned PEMF technologies that provide immediate relief of virtually any pain type, which in combination with frequency-infused jewelry, to help maintain long-lasting results. BioElectra’s wellness services and products assist in attaining holistic wellness goals, resolving health issues and provide long-term wellness support.

12:00 – 12:30 – Room 2

Subject: The Biology of Bio-Energy

Everything in the universe is frequency and frequency is energy. Our Bodies are electrical systems that can be influenced by frequencies, because every biological cell communicates with every other cell, via frequency/electrical exchanges.

Frequencies are the foundation of all biological life as we know it. To understand this and begin utilizing the technology necessary in overcoming the Electro-Smog damage that now destroys our bodies, is to begin and then maintain a life of wellness. To learn more, please attend Authur’s fastening presentation!

Free – 1 lucky attendee will receive a free $20 Session, addressing one (1) medical issue.

Torus Body

BioElectra’s Objective

To provide those products and service that will benefit the well being of those who seek something beyond today’s limited, Corporatized Health Care offerings.

To assist individuals who are seeking a Wellness life that is not only the most beneficial to their well being, but more importantly, indefinitely sustainable.

To date, we have witnessed phenomenal results in the use of PEMF technologies and are diligently striving to bring this incredible opportunity to as many people as possible.

Regardless if you purchase a system or rent time on the iMRS, our objective is to help you achieve, your greatest wellness potential.

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