Arthur Cronkhite – 2020 Expo Presenter

The Biology of Bio-Energy

February 23, 2020 at 3:15 – 4:15 pm

The 75 Trillion cells in the average human body operate as a unified and integrated electrical system. Simply stated, we are hydrogen-powered biological-machines, capable of total self repair and renewal at every level.  This is why cellular voltage is critical to your health and how you can live an energized and pain-free life, by keeping your cells charged to their full potential, through technology that BioElectra offers

This presentation covers the damaging effects of RF and EMF radiation.


BioElectra is a Wellness Technology Provider, offering frequency-based products and services for holistic pain relief and wellness management. They offer state of the art, world renowned PEMF technologies that provide immediate relief of virtually any pain type, which in combination with frequency-infused jewelry, to help maintain long-lasting results. BioElectra’s wellness services and products assist in attaining holistic wellness goals, resolving health issues and provide long-term wellness support.

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