Art & Photography


These creative works of art or photography can transcend an individual; to feel, see or sense more than what their eyes convey.

These artists capture the heart and soul of their intended focus. Their tools help them channel the spirit of the person or concept they are creating. This is what makes these works so meaningful and healing.

These works can serve as a doorway into an expensive energy that holds in-depth wisdom, knowledge, direction and connection.



Lisa Nomikos of Gathering Visions is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Intuitive Visionary Artist, Empath, Usui Reiki Master, Goddess Reiki Level One Practitioner, Level 2 Shamanic Practitioner and art meditation teacher. illustrator of many Oracle, Meditation and Inspirational Cards

Lisa’s life purpose is to empower and enlighten with her art. She combines her love for meditation, yoga & Reiki with prayer creating intuitive energy art readings in visual form.,

Christina HChristina Hladnik of Eye Am Creations is an instinctive artist and channeler of divine energy. Her mission is to spread love and light one piece of art at a time.  Each piece that comes through Christina is a reflection of the soul of the person she is painting for. Soul Reflection” paintings may come out in textures, words, colors. Each piece of art reflects the magnificence of each clients soul and any messages that come through for them. Also available will be affirmation art on small wooden blocks.