Animal Communication

Animal Communication
Have you often wondered what your animal companion is thinking or trying to communicate to you? Have you ever wished you could ask them and get an answer to why they don’t like a particular kind of food, or what kind of food would they like, or why your cat has chosen another place instead of the kitty litter box?  Or, how can you find your lost animal?
Our animals communicate with us all the time, we just haven’t paid attention.  We are all born with the ability to communicate, but for most of us, it is like an unused muscle, so it isn’t working as well as it should.
Lucky for us, there are people who can telepathically communicate with animals to help us with our animals.  They  can find out what makes your animals, happy or sad.  They can find out why they aren’t behaving.  They can sometimes assist in helping you in knowing what is troubling the animal physically.  Some Animal Communicators specialize in helping find lost animals, or assisting them in their transition.  And then, there are Animal Communicators that will teach you, how to open yourself up and telepathically communicate with animals.
Animal communication is a life changing experience, you will never look at an animal, an insect, bird and all other sentient life forms as you did before learning to communicate with other sentient beings.
Photo:  Courtesy of Star and Lauren