Alternative Energy Sources


If you are looking to achieve a more holistic lifestyle, an environmentally friendly lifestyle, using “Alternative Energy” can be a part of your holistic lifestyle program.

Alternative energy is a substitute source of power that has the equivalent, and sometimes a superior performance while protecting the environment.  By utilizing the earth’s natural and renewable resources, not only are we helping the environment but we are also improving our health.
These sources include: wind and solar.
Wind:  Wind turbines generate energy.  As wind turns the blades of the turbine, it creates energy to power a generator which in turn, produces electricity.  Care must be taken not to place these turbines in the path of avian migratory routes.
Solar Energy:  There are two main forms of solar energy, active and passive.  Which one to use?  Active solar energy involves equipment or an action to convert the sun’s energy into a useful form.  Passive solar energy, does not require any specific action or equipment.