Advisory Board

Sandy Carmichael - Copy

Sandy Carmicheal is the owner of Options 4 Health. Sandy and her staff are committed to enhancing the inherent healing ability of each individual and empowering people through teaching principles and skills that enable them to take greater responsibility for their personal development and health maintenance.

Kim Rader - Copy


Kim Rader is the owner of Bella Medica. Kim is a holistic medspa practitioner who merges modern technology with ancient wisdom to help you look and feel your best! Body.


Katelyn MarozasKatelyn Marozas is actually the one who came up with the name “All Things Wellness” during a brainstorming email when Carolyn suggested that the expo have a special name. Katelyn has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 7 years and knows many different massage modalities. She has been with Options 4 Health for 5.5 years now and provides quality therapeutic massage to both humans and canines! With her experience and genuine desire to help people and animals Katelyn is a natural healer.