All Things Wellness Expo was originated through the efforts of three business owners. Sandy Carmichael (Options 4 Health), Kim Rader (Bella Medica) and Carolyn Greenleaf (Greenleaf Healing) collaborated, to bring awareness to the community about the holistic services available. Their mission was to educate and connect individuals with consciously lead practitioners in the community. The name “All Things Wellness Expo” came from Katelyn Marozas. Katelyn became part of the committee as she provided assistance, fresh ideas and countless hours toward the Expo.

These ladies achieved their mission. After 4 short months of planning and preparing, the first Expo came into fruition July 30, 2017. Their hard work was gratifying when they saw the attendees enter the doors, ready to learn and experience something new.


In an effort to expand the reach and awareness that All Things Wellness Expo could achieve, Carolyn Greenleaf of Greenleaf Healing decided to move these ideals forward. Carolyn assembled a primary board of individuals who have experience and expertise in nonprofit organizations, finance, law, holistic businesses and events. Linda Epstein, Michelle Hulscher, Sue Devine and Lloyd Johnson have joined Carolyn on the primary board. These members are excited about what they can accomplish, as their vision and goals continue to grow! Smaller events are in the planning stages as well as the expansion of the Expo, now called All Things Wellness Events & Expo.


The evolution of All Things Wellness Events & Expo was made possible because Sandy, Kim and Carolyn came together as a collective to plant the original seeds.  The hard work of this innovative team paved the way for many to learn and grow.

Sandy, Kim and Katelyn will always have a voice, as they serve on the advisory board; offering their knowledge, ideas and wisdom. In addition, these three ladies will always have a place of honor at each Expo.

Moving Forward…

The expansion of All Things Wellness Events & Expo will always have the following goals in mind:

  • Continually improve the Expo’s experience for the attendees and the exhibitors.
  • Provide ongoing benefits to the community.
  • Support the vendors and practitioners associated with the Expo, through education to enhance their business and connection with the community.

The primary purpose of All Things Wellness Events & Expo will always remain a guiding force: Connection, Unity, Education, Opportunity and Respect.